Zach Wigal


Our (semi) fearless leader, Zach founded Gamers Outreach and our annual Gamers for Giving event as a high school student. Now he oversees the activities of the org. Who says gingers don’t have souls?

Lindsey Antrim

Marketing Director

Lindsey used to produce huge live events for video game brands prior to her role at Gamers Outreach. Now she drives our marketing efforts, telling the stories of our program impact to the world.

David Fraser

Development Director

Dave oversees our revenue development, ensuring our organization has the resources we need to bring our programs to life.

Shaun Fyall

Operations Director

Shaun keeps the ship afloat by overseeing our program activity in hospitals as well as our annual Gamers for Giving fundraiser. He’s responsible for logistics and process, aka our “get things done” guy.

Anastasia Clay

Talent Director

Anastasia helps nurture our relationships with content creators interested in supporting Gamers Outreach programs.

Jacqueline Mazurek

Staff Accountant

Jacqueline ensures our finances stay organized and we have the monies to keep programs running smoothly!

Morgan Riddle

Media Director

Morgan shares our impact with the world through the power of story, leading press outreach and communication planning.

Sam Robertell

Marketing Manager

Sam is our creative manager and keeper of social media channels, showcasing the impact of our donors through content. Outside of video games, she climbs a lot of rocks.

Guy Spencer

Talent Manager

Guy (aka “Blaze”) helps streamers make an impact in their favorite hospitals. He doubles as an on-air talent for a number of esports broadcasts, too!

Martin Omes

Program Logistics Coordinator

Martin helps ensure our programs are working as intended within hospitals. He coordinates GO Kart shipments, fields support tickets, and reminds us each day that Canada has the best maple syrup.

George Romfh

Program Coordinator

George is a registered nurse by day, and our GO Kart tech admin by night! Well, sometimes those shifts get reversed. He preps all our gaming consoles for the hospital environment and assists with support.

Board of Advisors

Scott Smith

Advisory Board Founder

One of the founding fathers of modern esports, SirScoots brings a wealth of experience to the Gamers Outreach team, and has built multiple GO Karts!

Christie St. Martin

Advisory Board

Christie has managed social media communities and produced content for companies like J.P. Morgan Chase, L’Oréal, and Viacom. She’s currently the CEO at Gamers.Vote, helping to engage gamers in the political process.

Jeff Royle

Advisory Board

Jeff is a game industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in business development and developer relations.

Kristin Reilly

Advisory Board

Kristin worked in one of Oregon’s largest emergency departments before transitioning into the video game industry. For more than 20 years, she’s led community growth for the likes of Hewlett Packard, CBS Interactive, Microsoft, and several startups.

Miguel Gil

Advisory Board

Prior to branching out into the world of esports, Miguel was a program manager on the Xbox Accessories team. He brings more than 15 years of consumer technology knowledge to our team.

Arda Ocal

Advisory Board

Arda is a sports host at ESPN! He flew himself to a Gamers for Giving event, stole a microphone from Goldenboy, and started hosting our broadcast to prove his passion for the cause. We couldn’t help but add him to the team!

Board of Directors

Ryan Fitzpatrick


Ryan is a video game industry veteran with extensive experience and relationships in brand and lifestyle marketing.

Heather Stone


Heather is an entrepreneur and a pioneer in the business world, co-founder of GameAbove Capital and the host of the new Mentors and Moguls Podcast.

Ryan Wyatt


Ryan is the Global Head of Gaming and Commerce at YouTube.

Aaron Greenberg


Aaron has been part of the Microsoft team for over 20 years where he presently works as the General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing.

Dr. Juan Espinoza


Dr. Espinoza is a pediatrician, clinical researcher, and champion for innovation in healthcare. He’s currently an attending physician within Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Dave Walsh


Dave Walsh (also known as Walshy) is one of the world’s most renowned competitive gamers. Since retiring from professional play, Dave now manages esports and gaming initiatives within Red Bull.

Jordan Reiss


Jordan Reiss founded ASTRO Gaming (acquired 2017) and now leads the esports services business unit at Logitech.

Core Volunteers