Gamers Outreach eases the burdens of hospitalization by providing equipment, technology, and software to help kids cope with treatment.

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Our Crew

Gamers Outreach is managed by a team of full-time staff, volunteers, and industry veterans who are passionate about giving back. Meet our crew who help keep the day to day operations moving!

Zach Wigal
Zach Wigal Founder

Our (semi) fearless leader, Zach oversees program activities and manages relationships with hospitals. Who says gingers don’t have souls?

Shaun Fyall
Shaun Fyall Operations Director

Shaun keeps the ship afloat, managing volunteer activities and the organization’s structure. He’s our “get things done” guy.

J.J. Bouchard
J.J. Bouchard Child Life Specialist

J.J. Bouchard works within Mott Children’s Hospital and helps advise Gamers Outreach program activities. In another life he was a comic book artist.

Brian Leitson
Brian Leitson IT Director

Brian oversees the technical details of our annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. We also blame him whenever our emails crash.

Dan Philibin
Dan Philibin Web Developer

Dan’s been a nice enough guy to lend us his fancy web coding skills. We’re thankful to have his attention before he becomes famous from some development project.

Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell Web Designer

When we’re able to pull him away from the golf course, Sean helps create designs for Gamers Outreach. He’s strangely good at throwing darts.

Audrey Adair-Keene
Audrey Adair-Keene Press Relations

Chief storyteller, Audrey helps us communicate major announcements related to Gamers Outreach programs. You can find her blogging away at Happily Audrey.

Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson Relationship Manager

Zach wanted an excuse to schmooze with streamers, so we gave him the role of Relationship Manager. Bonus job: head tournament admin at Gamers for Giving.

John Spiher
John Spiher Partnership Coordinator

If the phrase “bringing people together” was a single word, it’d be John’s middle name. He’s also a double agent for DXRacer, so watch out.

Kieran Fitzpatrick
Kieran Fitzpatrick Relationship Manager

Ever competed in a major Call of Duty tournament? Chances are you’ve probably met Kieran.  An aspiring streamer, Kieran helps coordinate GO Kart fundraisers.

Winston Astrachan
Winston Astrachan Network Administrator

Winston helps manage internet connectivity during our annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. We’re all jealous of his piloting skills.

Morgan Humes
Morgan Humes Network Administrator

Doubling as a LANFest Board Member, Morgan helps ensure Gamers for Giving internet connectivity is working smoothly. He also trains guide dogs! D’aww.

Ellen Yang
Ellen Yang Peggle Commissioner

Purveyor of sunshine, rainbows, and ultra extreme fever, Ellen serves as our Peggle Tournament Commissioner. Trust us, it’s the next big thing in esports.

Martin Omes
Martin Omes Canadian

Our ambassador from Canada, Martin wears many hats within Gamers Outreach. We depend on him to maintain our stock of fresh maple syrup from the north.

Dave Kosek
Dave Kosek Volunteer Coordinator

Dave helps coordinate volunteer activities during our annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. Favorite quote: do you even lift, bro?

Jamille "Jams" Alyssa Rock Star

“Jams,” as we like to call her, is a super hero volunteer within Gamers Outreach. You can find her at most all our events, helping to support the cause whenever possible!

Bonnie Burton
Bonnie Burton Chief Happiness Officer

Bonnie helps make sure team morale stays in tact during our annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. Weapons of choice: teddy bears, dinosaurs, and Advil.

Maher El-awar
Maher El-awar Media Coordinator

Ever tried organizing 7,000+ photos after an event? Well, thanks to Maher, none of us have had to. Maher oversees media collection at Gamers for Giving.

Jared Richter
Jared Richter Project Coordinator

He’s a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Orson Welles. Jared helps oversee Gamers for Giving load-in, and provides tech support to attendees in need.

Rebecca Rennells
Rebecca Rennells Front-end Manager

If you’ve attended Gamers for Giving and stopped by our booth, you’ve probably met Rebecca! She is the guardian of raffle tickets, and oversees the gates of our event.

Cameron Blomgren
Cameron Blomgren Production Coordinator

Cameron has been involved since high school, and does a bit of everything! You’ll most likely find him assisting the network team at Gamers for Giving.

The Dev Team

Analogous to an advisory board, the Gamers Outreach Dev Team is comprised of game industry veterans, medical professionals, and corporate leaders dedicated to advancing Gamers Outreach programs through fundraising, advocacy, and guidance.

Scott Smith
Scott Smith Dev Team Captain

One of the founding fathers of modern esports, SirScoots brings a wealth of experience to the Gamers Outreach team, and has built multiple GO Karts!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of game industry veterans who provide guidance, resources, and oversight to help expand the impact of Gamers Outreach’s programs.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Brent Koning

Brent Koning

David Walsh

David Walsh

Ryan Wyatt

Ryan Wyatt