Gamers Outreach eases the burdens of hospitalization by providing equipment, technology, and software to help kids cope with treatment.

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Our Crew

Gamers Outreach is managed by a team of full-time staff, volunteers, and industry veterans who are passionate about giving back. Meet our crew who help keep the day to day operations moving!

Zach Wigal
Zach Wigal Founder

Our (semi) fearless leader, Zach founded Gamers Outreach and our annual Gamers for Giving event as a high school student. Now he oversees the activities of the org. Who says gingers don’t have souls?

Shaun Fyall
Shaun Fyall Operations Director

Shaun keeps the ship afloat by overseeing our program activity in hospitals as well as our annual Gamers for Giving fundraiser. He’s our “get things done” guy.

David Fraser
David Fraser Development Director

We stole Dave from one of our logistics partners, and the results have been… breathtaking. He helps connect Gamers Outreach with new supporters and partnerships. With Dave on the team, we’re expanding our programs into new hospitals in North America and across the world.

Anastasia Clay
Anastasia Clay Community Program Manager

Anastasia helps manage our volunteer community and nurtures relationships with content creators interested in supporting Gamers Outreach programs. Adding to her coolness, she somehow managed to get the standalone Twitter handle @stage.

J.J. Bouchard
J.J. Bouchard Patient Technology Coordinator

J.J. Bouchard works within C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and helps advise Gamers Outreach program activities. In another life he was a comic book artist.

Brian Leitson
Brian Leitson Tech Director

Brian oversees the technical details of our annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. We also blame him whenever our emails crash.

Dan Philibin
Dan Philibin Web Developer

Dan’s been a nice enough guy to lend us his fancy web coding skills. We’re thankful to have his attention before he becomes famous from some development project.

Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell Web Designer

When we’re able to pull him away from the golf course, Sean helps create designs for Gamers Outreach. He’s strangely good at throwing darts.

Alex Mickel
Alex Mickel Warehouse Manager

In between his duties with the Army National Guard, Alex helps oversee our inventory of hardware goodies at the Gamers Outreach warehouse.

Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson On-Site Stream Team Manager

Zach helps support content creators at our annual fundraiser, Gamers for Giving!

Winston Astrachan
Winston Astrachan Network Engineer

Winston helps manage internet connectivity during our annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. We’re all jealous of his piloting skills.

Morgan Humes
Morgan Humes Network Director

Morgan helps ensure Gamers for Giving internet connectivity is working smoothly. He also trains guide dogs and drives race cars! 10/10 cool guy.

Martin Omes
Martin Omes Canadian

Our ambassador from Canada, Martin wears many hats within Gamers Outreach. We depend on him to maintain our stock of fresh maple syrup from the north.

Maher El-awar
Maher El-awar Media Coordinator

Ever tried organizing 7,000+ photos after an event? Well, thanks to Maher, none of us have had to. Maher oversees media collection at Gamers for Giving.

Rebecca Rennells
Rebecca Rennells Research and Grant Coordinator

Throughout the year, Rebecca lends us her research chops to help Gamers Outreach pursue grant funding. If you’ve attended Gamers for Giving, you’ve probably seen her! She is the guardian of raffle tickets, and oversees the gates of our event.

Cameron Blomgren
Cameron Blomgren Tech Support Coordinator

Cameron has been involved since high school, and does a bit of everything! You’ll most likely find him assisting the network team at Gamers for Giving.

Jon Shim
Jon Shim Program Manager, Player 2

Jon started as one of our original Player 2 volunteers, and now helps spearhead the program.  He matches volunteers with opportunities to get involved at local hospitals.  Jon is a big Red Wings fan, and former NCAA soccer player!

Joshua Marshbanks
Joshua Marshbanks Program Coordinator, Project GO Kart

Josh pulls security at Gamers for Giving, and assists with Gamers Outreach programs throughout the year.  He’s in charge of console accounts, and keeping up-to-date information on our deployed GO Karts!

George Romfh
George Romfh Program Coordinator, Project GO Kart

George started off by helping us deliver GO Karts locally, but has since grown into a core team member!  He’s our expert on preparing game consoles for the hospital environment.  He also continues to develop our programs in hospitals, and get the word out at gaming events throughout the year.

Advisory Board

The Gamers Outreach Advisory Board is comprised of game industry veterans, medical professionals, and corporate leaders dedicated to advancing Gamers Outreach programs through fundraising, advocacy, and guidance.

Scott Smith
Scott Smith Advisory Board Founder

One of the founding fathers of modern esports, SirScoots brings a wealth of experience to the Gamers Outreach team, and has built multiple GO Karts!

Christie St. Martin
Christie St. Martin Advisory Board
Christie has managed social media communities and produced content for companies like J.P. Morgan Chase, L’Oréal, and Viacom. She’s currently the gaming director at IMC, an experience studio that creates extraordinary audience engagements for the world’s best known brands. 
Jeff Royle
Jeff Royle Advisory Board

Jeff is a game industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in business development and developer relations.

Kristin Reilly
Kristin Reilly Advisory Board

Kristin worked in one of Oregon’s largest emergency departments before transitioning into the video game industry. For more than 20 years, she’s led community growth for the likes of Hewlett Packard, CBS Interactive, Microsoft, and several startups.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of game industry veterans who provide guidance, resources, and oversight to help expand the impact of Gamers Outreach’s programs.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Brent Koning

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David Walsh

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Ryan Wyatt

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Aaron Greenberg