Player 2

A volunteer initiative pairing gamers with opportunities to give back in hospitals.

Hospital Needs

Hospitals look for specialized volunteers available during weekday business hours. This role is particularly great for college gamers!

Why it Helps

Player 2 volunteers ensure entertainment is readily available for patients, and provide them someone to game with during their stay.

How it Works

Gamers: submit a volunteer application! Hospitals: enroll as a facility! You’ll get an automated response once we receive your app, and we’ll connect the dots if there’s a match!

Player 2 Volunteer Responsibilities Include:


Distribute Games

Bring gaming and entertainment to patients in hospitals.


Manage Devices

Ensure gaming equipment is updated, clean, and ready for use!


Play Games

Be a Player 2! Hop in a game with patients if they need a fellow gamer to be on their team!