Project GO Kart

GO Karts are portable video game kiosks built specifically for the medical environment. Each unit helps nurses and child life specialists easily provide bedside recreation to children unable to leave their rooms in hospitals.


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With your help, we're supporting 1,250,000 children per year!

8 Avg # of children who use a single cart each day
2,920 Avg # of children a single cart serves per year
Minecraft Most Requested Game

Here’s the story

In 2009, we approached C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital of Ann Arbor, Michigan with the intention to deliver video games to kids and families within their facility. After seeing firsthand the need for regular bedside activities within the hospital, we realized we could go a step further. We began working with the hospital’s staff to develop portable gaming carts (GO Karts) that would aid in providing kids with an outlet for relief, socialization and a sense of normalcy during treatment within the hospital. GO Karts are a tool for hospital staff. Each GO Kart is equipped with a gaming monitor, gaming console, and games. The carts provide a safe, flexible, and efficient way to ensure children have access to entertainment and coping mechanisms during long-term hospitalization.