Help Others Level Up

The GRID is an inventive and determined group of monthly donors on a quest to make play accessible inside hospitals. Gamers like you, from across the internet, giving what they can to build a new experience for families receiving care.

Membership Benefits

GRID members are an active community of gamers making a real difference in the world. As gamers, we have the knowledge and experience to improve a child’s quality of life during hospitalization. Here’s what you can expect if you join us:


GRID members are part of a community making an ongoing difference in hospitals.


GRID members share a belief that gamers can change the world for good. We’re taking action.

Quest Updates

As part of The GRID, you’ll be invited to a quarterly update call from our team. We’ll share progress updates and challenges.

Early Access

GRID members who donate $10 or more each month receive an early chance to score tickets to our annual “Gamers for Giving” LAN party.


GRID members have the chance to receive invitations to regional events with partners, friends, & supporters.

A Digital Frontier

Games represent an opportunity to connect with others through activity and story. This is especially true in hospitals, where kids and families are isolated from the world, fighting some of the hardest battles of their lives.

In hospitals, video games are a gateway to normalcy. They’re one of the few tools that can provide children with play. GRID members are part of our construction team, helping ensure those gateways exist all across the land.

We all know “it’s dangerous to go alone.” Becoming a part of The GRID is an opportunity to help our fellow gamers. We invite you to join! And if you ever need to end your membership, simply login to cancel.