A software platform to manage video game content across hundreds of hospital rooms.

Introducing Portal

Turn your hospital into a gaming arena.

One of the major challenges healthcare workers face is managing video games in facilities with hundreds of patient rooms.

This is especially tricky when hospitals must also comply with privacy regulations unique to their environments, or when they simply don’t have a way for gaming content to be accessible online.

Portal is our proposed solution to help address this problem.

We want to empower kids to have access to digital worlds and a wide breadth of content. We also want to ensure hospitals have a seamless way to manage patient privacy, age-restricted content, game updates, and localized or online play.

Through Portal, our goal is to enable every hospital to become a gaming arena!

Portal is a Gamers Outreach concept program currently being tested in select healthcare facilities in the United States.

Briefly described: our team deploys a server in a hospital, connected to individual computers across each patient room. Through software, hospital employees can manage video game content from the comfort of their desks using a simple software tool.

Portal requires a hospital to have some basic infrastructure. Use the form below to schedule a chat and see if Portal may be a fit for your facility!

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