Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA ranks among the world’s elite institutions for pediatric research, teaching and care. Serving more than 6,000 inpatients and 100,000 outpatients annually. Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA offers a full spectrum of primary and specialized medical care for infants, children, and adolescents.

Our Programs at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

(Last Updated: October 14th, 2015)
Current number of GO Karts deployed: 1
Special projects: N/A
Does this hospital have an interest in receiving more GO Karts: Yes

Donors who have supported this hospital:

NCompass International
Donor: NCompass International May 16th, 2014

What they provided:
The first GO Kart delivered to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA!

How they did it:
Hosted a company-wide Mario Kart tournament, generating more than $10,000,¬†and enough funds for a total of three GO Karts! The GO Kart delivered to Mattel Children’s Hospital was co-funded thanks to a contribution received from a 24-hour live stream event called “The Project!”