Donate a GO Kart

Donate a GO Kart

If you’re an individual, or represent a company interested in donating a GO Kart to a specific hospital, please send us an email at!

We request a $3,500 donation be made to construct a GO Kart for a hospital. This includes the cost of the GO Kart itself, as well as installment of necessary peripherals (monitor, gaming console, two wired controllers, and 10 – 15 games). This amount also covers freight shipping anywhere in the mainland U.S., setup, a 2 year warranty of all components, and on-going service for the lifespan of the GO Kart. For international shipments, additional costs may be incurred.

Once your GO Kart has been constructed, we’ll send you photos of the GO Kart in operation! When possible, we’ll even invite you to the hospital to see your GO Kart in-person, and learn from hospital staff how the GO Kart will be used during day-to-day treatment.

GO Karts¬†exist in hospitals for years after their delivery. We view the GO Karts as a platform. They’re a medically-friendly way for hospital staff to easily ensure games and activities are accessible for kids throughout hospitals. Thanks to GO Karts, a single gaming console can serve thousands of patients, without hospital staff needing to worry about theft or cumbersome maintenance.

Our first GO Kart was donated to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in 2009, and it’s still in use to this day! A GO Kart donation is a tangible way to make long-term impact inside your preferred children’s hospital!