Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get involved with Gamers Outreach?
A: Check out the Donate page of our website for the various ways you can be a part of our efforts!

Q: Is Gamers Outreach hiring?
A: If a position becomes available, it will be posted on our blog. That said, a great way to show us your talents is by first volunteering! Check out the Donate page and click “Volunteer” to send in an application.

Q: I’d like to run my own video game tournament / fundraising event. Do you have any tips for someone just getting started?
A: Getting started is always the most difficult part! In our experience, acquiring a venue and securing equipment are the two most difficult challenges grassroots organizers face. Try working with a local school or college gaming club to secure a venue, and borrow equipment from friends, or ask attendees to bring their own!

Q: Will you sponsor my competitive gaming team?
A: We are more than happy to partner with gaming teams interested in raising funds to support Gamers Outreach projects. However, we do not financially sponsor any gaming teams. If you represent a team that’s interested in fundraising for Gamers Outreach, check out our Donate page, or send an email to

Q: I represent a hospital that’s interested in receiving a GO Kart. What do I do?
A: Send an email to! If you have a donor to support the construction of a GO Kart in your hospital, or the budget to fund a build outright, we can move forward immediately! Otherwise we will add your hospital to our community wishlist, located here!