Here are some of our favorites we’ve received:

“This is sweet Miss Alaina! She’s a sassy 6-year-old who was here for surgery. This gaming system was so helpful for her and other kids like her who may be feeling better post-surgery but not quite able to get out of bed yet. We are so grateful.” – Nikki Auland, Hospital Staff

“This young man is unable to operate a traditional controller and has difficulty leaving his room. Thanks to The GO Kart and the Xbox Adaptive controller he is able to play Minecraft online with his friends.” – J.J. Bouchard, Hospital Staff

“We have been told that we are the best hospital to come to because we really cater to the needs of children and the need to play.  Your Go Karts have allowed us to offer a variety of play options so that children have familiar activities during their admissions.” – Regina Burdett CCLS

“My favorite thing to do is play the Xbox. I like creating different worlds on the Minecraft game. It helps the 3-hour infusion go by super fast and makes it better being here.” – Delano, Patient

“Ethan loves having the GO Kart Xbox. It is his favorite activity to do when he gets his infusions every 8 weeks. It is part of his routine when he is here and helps him remain calm, focused, and engaged throughout his infusion.” – Jennifer Lutes MS, CCLS

“My son would like to personally thank you [Gamers Outreach] for the Xbox setups [GO Kart] at U of M Mott. He looks happy.” – David A., Parent

“It’s a really good system. It helps me by getting my mind off things, stuff that’s going on in my life.”
– Daniel L., 11-year-old Patient

“You will never know how much this truly means to the kids and families stuck in their rooms for weeks, months, and years! This is a true blessing! The smiles and joy this will bring cannot be put into words! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – Brandee P., Parent

“Thank you for your recent gifts to our hospital. I have a 6-year-old brain cancer survivor and wanted you to know this means the world to kids during treatment. Way to pay it forward gamers style!”
– Anonymous Parent

“Video games don’t seem like a lot to have in a hospital, but it makes a world of difference to the kids. My son Austin loves the games and says it makes him not think about the pain as much. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible at Mott’s Children’s Hospital!!” – Stephanie R., Parent

I can’t tell how much it means to the patients and the families… This is huge and I bet you’ll never truly understand the scope of how much this will mean to so many as it truly does provide a moment of forgetting the troubles.” – Michael O., Parent

“Thank you so much for always putting the patient’s mind and heart as a top priority! My amazing nephew, Evan is a Cystic Fibrosis Warrior!! Evan often has to spend weeks away from family, friends, school, soccer, and newly joined Cub Scouts due to his extended treatments for CF. These long days away from everything ‘normal’ can be painful, tiring, and very anxiety-ridden for a 6-year-old boy who, for most of his hospital stay, has to be in isolation due to CF, so having just one more item in his hospital room that makes it feel like home is a true blessing to him and his parents!! (Dad likes to play too!)” – Jennifer B., Patient Relative