+1 Advisory Board

General News | January 16, 2020

Let’s kick 2020 into high gear, Gamers Outreach supporters! Today we’re thrilled to welcome video game industry veteran Miguel Gil to our Advisory Board!

This (growing) advisory board was created to support directors and staff within Gamers Outreach. Each member helps lead development efforts which expand the impact of Gamers Outreach programs. Their involvement provides our team with valuable third-party perspective on internal discussions, and their passion for our cause helps rally community action.

As a reminder, our intent is to cultivate this advisory board to be comprised of professionals from a wide range of disciplines (both within and outside the gaming industry). A few key qualities guide our consideration of candidates. Board members must be/have…

  • Senior-level professionals with experience working in gaming, medical, or corporate environments.
  • Record of securing grants, sponsorship, or external resources for programs, corporate initiatives, or services.
  • Demonstrated excellence in forming relationships that advanced a particular program, company, or cause.
  • Exemplary leadership skills. Dev Team members must be able to foster a team environment and work collaboratively when necessary.
  • Dev Team members are effective communicators, able to identify areas for improvement, and help advance the organization’s mission.

Miguel is the founder of the United States Esports Association (USEA), a non-profit organization with its core mission to foster the growth of recreational and amateur esports in the US. Prior to leading the USEA, Miguel spent 13+ years at Microsoft XBOX where he was mostly involved with the XBOX Hardware team in a variety of roles with focus on portfolio management, strategic planning, business development and financial analysis. He has a passion for the consumer electronics industry and has been serving as a board member of the CTA Accessories Division since 2012. Miguel earned a BS in Engineering from University Fermin Toro and later received his MBA from Stetson University. His personal passions include family, tennis, golf, F1 racing and trying to become better at racing games.

On joining Gamers Outreach, Miguel had this to say…

“I’m extremely proud and honored of having the opportunity to be part of the Gamers Outreach family. I’ve always had an immense respect and admiration for Zach and the Gamers Outreach mission. I had the opportunity to meet Zach at a PAX West conference few years ago (Thanks Astro Gaming for the introduction ) and as soon as I learned about their mission I was hooked. As a previous member of Team XBOX Hardware team, I always took it upon myself to help donate as much XBOX hardware as we could to Gamers Outreach knowing that it was going to reach and bring happiness to so many kids and families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. As an active member of the Gamers Outreach Advisory Board, I want to do my best to help the team working towards achieving the organizations mission.

As a father, I truly believe that no child deserves to spend long periods of time at a hospital, it simply breaks my heart. Knowing that my contributions to the Gamers Outreach team will help bring a spark of happiness to those kids and families really lights my heart. I want to be an active part of the mission Gamers Outreach team and want to continue to grow the impact of such as great organization. Go Team Gamers Outreach!”

So, claps in chat – please join us in welcoming Miguel! We’re excited to continue helping others level up with him on-board!