2022 Spooktacular Style

General News | November 2, 2022

What’s your favorite thing about October?


Ours is pretty simple…it’s every single one of the 31 days that make up the month.


You see, for us, October is about celebrating community, Spooktacular Style!


We celebrate a unique community that truly wants to make a difference in the lives of hospitalized kids. It just so happens that this community converges on the internet and plays video games (like, a lot of video games)! 

Throughout the month, content creators from around the globe go live on their own channel to raise awareness for our organization and our quest to make play possible. During their stream, they game, they cook, they sing, they dance, they wear costumes, they create artwork, they carve pumpkins, they have food challenges, they put pies in their face and the list goes on. They CONNECT with one another – communities meet and join forces and THAT is what we love to see!


This year, we had a record breaking 750+ creators and 15+ teams stream with their devoted communities in tow, ready to watch, spread the word, contribute, interact and have fun!

Together, we achieved the highest Spooktacular Streamathon fundraising total to date with a massive $856,032 raised for the kids!


Our favorite part of that accomplishment is that it will have a multi-year impact on kids and hospital staff alike. Double win!


Each year, millions of kids and families receive medical care inside hospitals. For many, the process can be scary and isolating. During hospitalization, kids lose access to friends, school, and moments of joy that define childhood. 


We’re on a mission to change their experience. 

Our goal for #SS2022, was to raise funds for 100 GO Karts to be placed in hospitals from our Wish List. This list is made up of healthcare facilities in North America as well as some international locations who have requested our kiosks to improve the patient experience.


Thanks to your generosity, GO Karts will be deployed to 12 states here in the U.S. We’re also thrilled to send Karts to Canada and Australia. Both are countries with high demand for our kiosks and each will be receiving multiple units! 


In total, the SS2022 GO Kart fleet alone will fuel over half a million gaming experiences annually. Funds from this year’s event will also provide support for Gamers Outreach initiatives that help us continue to expand our footprint and make play possible in new areas.


The kindness and the dedication of the gaming community does not go unnoticed. We witness the good of gamers every single day and it’s inspiring! So, with that, we want to send a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who joined us this year! Our annual Spooktacular Streamathon happens because of the incredibly passionate community of gamers, creators, supporters, donors, and partners. Special shout out to this year’s event sponsors Apex Hosting, BR1, Truman Factory, and Bisect Hosting for coming along on the ride that is October!

Keep up with #SS2022 updates on our social media @GamersOutreach and on our website


Till the next time, Game On!