A Spooktacular Conclusion!

General News | November 7, 2020

Wow, where to begin? 

Here at Gamers Outreach, we had an amazing October. It was filled with candy, spooky games, and our first-ever Spooktacular Streamathon – a month-long fundraising event. Over the course of the month, over 50 communities, brands, and organizations fundraised in support of Project GO Kart. Each had one goal in mind: provide play to hospitalized children. 

Allow us to gleefully express… we had a BLAST!

From games like Phasmaphobia and Amnesia to Rocket League and Warzone, our time was spent hanging out with an array of communities, each with their own personality and their own stories. 

To say we were surprised by the results would be an understatement. Every week, we spent time watching streamers repeatedly break their goals, proving our intended fundraising target was far too modest compared to the might of the gaming community. The support we received during October was overwhelming, energizing, and way beyond our expectations. 

11 days into this event, we had already reached our initial goal of $50,000. By the end of the month, the total reached was $337,304. It took a few days to find words for this blog post – our team was speechless.

No one is certain when the COVID era will end and with that, children in hospitals will continue to face isolation every day. Our hope is that, in a time of uncertainty, we can sprinkle a little bit of normalcy back into a child’s life whether it be through Minecraft, Rocket League, or other games. We estimate these funds can help support as many as 182,000 play sessions for kids each year.

We’re sending the first-ever Spooktacular Streamathon MVP trophy over to Anthony Kongphan who raised $42,826.69 and was about 15 minutes behind on his donation alerts for the majority of his stream due to the flood of support from his community. Huge W, Anthony!

We also want to shout out the organizations and brands like ROKKR, Version1, Houston Outlaws, Karnage Clan, Team Sidequest, Turtle Beach, ASUS, G2, Gen.G, and more, who carved time out of their month for us. 

Lastly, we want to say thank you to every supporter and streamer. Whether you donated, watched a stream, or spread the word, the love was truly felt. We’re so thankful to have such big-hearted supporters standing by our side. 

As for the confetti cannons? They’re still alive thanks to Jess.

Until next time, stay spooky, and stay having fun.