COMING SOON: The 3rd Annual Spooktacular Streamathon

General News | September 23, 2022

Ahhhhhhh September. Situated right between the end of summer and all things fall. And with fall comes….SPOOKY SEASON!

You may have noticed we like to celebrate Halloween here at GO in our own way. We round up our content creator friends (old and new) and ask them, along with their communities, to join our quest in making play possible for hospitalized kids and families. 

Oh, and we have FUN. Like, A LOT of fun!

This year is no exception. 

That’s right – we’re gearing up for the 3rd Annual Spooktacular Streamathon. All 31 days of October will be packed with content that’s sure to bring belly laughs and, in the end, make a difference.

Each year, millions of children and their families receive medical care inside hospitals. For many, the process can be scary and isolating. During hospitalization, kids lose access to friends, school, and moments that typically define childhood.

Our goal is to ensure all hospitalized kids have access to play – and we’ve chosen video games as our tools of choice.

Video games inspire joy. They’re also a source of enrichment & relief. They make play at scale possible in hospitals.

For the past two years, we’ve seen tremendous support from the gaming community during the Spooktacular Streamathon event. Combined, we’ve had over 750 content creators participate and collectively, along with their communities, have raised over $1.1 million bucks, making way for 900,000 gaming experiences annually! 


We’re pumped just typing this and we hope that you’re all feeling the same way!

Here’s how you can be a part of this year’s event:

  • Fundraise: Whether you’re a content creator or a GO enthusiast, join the fun by creating a campaign for this year’s Spooktacular Streamathon. We’ve partnered with Tiltify to help you fundraise online. Through their platform, you can start a fundraiser, or even host an online stream broadcast to bring gaming to hospitals. If you’re a content creator, email us at for more info. 
  • Donate: Any amount helps! Donations can be made on the Tiltify page here.
  • Watch: Find one of your favorite creators and check out their #SS2022 stream time.
  • Spread the word! Help share Spooktacular Streamathon hype on social media! Sharing our cause with friends and promoting broadcasters can go a long way in building the conversation. Be sure to use our hashtag #SS2022!

We’re locked in on our goal of bringing over 100 new GO Karts to healthcare facilities around the world this year and need your help!

See you online in October!