Dev Team Lvls Up: Welcome Kristin Reilly

General News | August 9, 2019

Great news to share, Gamers Outreach supporters! Today we’re thrilled to welcome video game industry veteran Kristin “Batgirl” Reilly to our Dev Team!

The Dev Team is our (growing) advisory board, created to support directors and staff within Gamers Outreach. Each member helps lead development efforts which expand the impact of Gamers Outreach programs. Their involvement provides our team with valuable third-party perspective on internal discussions, and their passion for our cause helps rally community action.

Our intent is to cultivate this advisory board to be comprised of professionals from a wide range of disciplines (both within and outside the gaming industry). A few key qualities guide our consideration of candidates. Dev Team members must be/have…

  • Senior-level professionals with experience working in gaming, medical, or corporate environments.
  • Record of securing grants, sponsorship, or external resources for programs, corporate initiatives, or services.
  • Demonstrated excellence in forming relationships that advanced a particular program, company, or cause.
  • Exemplary leadership skills. Dev Team members must be able to foster a team environment and work collaboratively when necessary.
  • Dev Team members are effective communicators, able to identify areas for improvement, and help advance the organization’s mission.

In some ways, we owe the existence of Gamers Outreach to Kristin. 12 years ago, Kristin was leading a gaming podcast which covered a canceled Halo tournament organized by a group of high school students from Michigan (sound familiar?). It was thanks in part to her initial advocacy Gamers Outreach became a widespread movement.

Before joining the video game industry, Kristin worked in one of Oregon’s largest emergency departments for several years. She brought her unique background and perspective with her as she transitioned into the world of tech.

For the last 20 years, Kristin has held positions with companies like Hewlett Packard, CBS Interactive, Microsoft, and several startups. She’s been a pioneer in the space, helping to grow community fan bases for games and gaming products.

On joining Gamers Outreach, Kristin had this to say…

When a child is in the hospital their life has changed drastically, having been pulled from friends, school, activities. [Hospital] worlds are new, sterile, and often frightening. I’ve experienced firsthand the difference it makes when a child has access to a part of their old routine, to something that transports them to a new world or gives them new experiences.

I am thrilled to be able to work with Gamers Outreach, bridging two passions of mine together to give children in clinical settings a chance to feel like a kid again, a sense of normalcy, and a feeling of belonging. I’ve watched Gamers Outreach grow from an initial idea Zach had (Gamers Outreach founder) into the wonderful organization it is today, and I am delighted to join the Dev Team. I’m excited and grateful to have this opportunity to help Gamers Outreach expand, grow, and continue its work improving and supporting children in need”.

So, without further ado – please join us in welcoming Kristin! We’re excited to continue helping others level up with her aboard!