Game Donations Needed!

Program News | May 23, 2016
A young patient at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital enjoys one of the Xbox consoles supplied by Gamers Outreach. Photo provided by J.J. Bouchard.

Calling all gamers: we’re in need of video games and hardware! Got any titles on your shelf collecting dust? Want to put those played discs to use? Have a few digital game codes you don’t need? Gamers Outreach is accepting game donations!

As we prepare to roll out GO Kart 2.0 this fall, we’re stocking up on modern-day titles to accompany each delivery! Simultaneously, as we begin to expand Player 2 to new locations, we’ll be in need of games to deploy throughout supported hospitals.

Whether you’ve got a few games on your shelf, or you’re a publisher with 100+ extra titles in a storage closet, we can put your games to use!

Games that have an ESRB rating of E – T can be accepted for direct use within the hospital environment. While we also accept games with an M rating, it’s a bit more rare we’re able to offer those to the hospitals we support. However, we are able to trade / sell M rated games to acquire items we do need. Whatever you’re able to send – we can put it to use!

Here’s what we’re primarily looking for…

  • Digital download codes for Xbox One / PS4
    Please email codes to Titles must be playable offline. Games that require a profile but can be played offline are OK. Note: we do not accept M rated download codes. M rated titles must be in disc-form.
  • Xbox One / PS4 Game Discs
    Titles must be playable offline. Games that require a profile but can be played offline are OK. Minecraft is by far the most requested game. Any of the LEGO titles or modern sports games are fantastic picks as well.
  • Xbox One / Ps4 Consoles
    Physical consoles are the most valuable items which can be directly installed in GO Karts! All consoles must come with their original cabling.
  • Previous-Gen Equipment
    Got a Super Nintendo not seeing much use? Any handhelds in storage? Atari 2600 collecting dust? Xbox 360 discs replaced by Xbox One? We can put all these items to use! If you send us old games / consoles, please make sure everything is in working order! In most cases, these items will be placed on our eBay store to generate needed resources for Gamers Outreach programs.

Please note: we DO NOT accept PC discs unless the titles are sealed and in their original packaging.

All physical game donations can be mailed to…

Gamers Outreach
P.O. Box 694
Saline, MI 48176

We’ll issue a notification within 2 – 4 weeks of receiving your items. If you would like a tax receipt, please include a note estimating the value of the items donated!

Don’t have any games to send, but still want to support the cause? You can make a monetary contribution through our website, or simply help by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter!

Big thanks to everyone who gets involved! We can’t wait to put this gear to use!