Gamers for Giving 2020: Registration Opens Jan 17!

Events | January 14, 2020

Exciting news, Gamers Outreach community! Gamers for Giving 2020 tickets will be available for purchase on Friday, January 17th @ 12 PM eastern!

For those not familiar: Gamers for Giving is a LAN party + streaming marathon that generates resources for Gamers Outreach programs. Through ticket sales, sponsorship, and online donations, last year’s event raised over $637,000 in support of providing entertainment devices to children’s hospitals!

Scheduled for March 28th & 29th, this year’s event will once again take place at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center. We’ve built a new ticketing system to better handle the demand we saw during last year’s registration process.

You’ll be able to visit our registration page when it’s live here.

Additionally, we’ve modified the Gamers for Giving floorplan, allowing us to create space for more seating. Our streamers will now occupy the area of the venue which previously held the broadcast stage.

Our ticket options have simplified a bit this year with Halo being on PC. Here’s a breakdown of the passes that will be available for purchase:

  • General BYOC LAN Seat:
    $45 EARLY BIRD Online (register on or before January 31)
    $55 Online (for registration after January 31)

    Purchase this ticket if you would like to participate in the BYOC LAN. This ticket also grants you entry into all of our headline PC tournaments, including this year’s Halo activities. As an attendee, you’ll bring your PC / console and have a dedicated space to play video games for the entire weekend! Internet access, 2 power outlets, table space, and a simple chair are provided with each ticket. We’ll also be supporting a variety of casual activities for leisure-play. Check out the LAN party section of the website to see a list of supplies you’ll want to bring.

  • VIP LAN Seat & Sky Loft:
    $125 EARLY BIRD Online (register on or before January 31)
    $175 Online (for registration after January 31)

    Purchase this ticket if you would like to participate in the BYOC LAN as a VIP. This ticket includes a number of extra benefits such as…

    • Access to the Gamers Outreach Sky Loft – a hospitality lounge with privileged views of the arena floor, set aside as an area for guests and partners. Premium food items and beverages will be served in a relaxing atmosphere, overlooking the entirety of the Gamers for Giving venue.
    • Extra table space: VIPs receive an extra foot of table space.
    • Extra power outlet: VIPS receive 3 power outlets instead of 2.
    • Early access to the venue: VIPs will be able to set up their rigs before all other Gamers for Giving attendees.
    • Gamers for Giving t-shirt: VIPs receive a Gamers for Giving t-shirt as part of their purchase!

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player Pass:
    $25 Online
    $35 At The Door
    Purchase this pass to compete in the Gamers for Giving 2020 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament on Nintendo Switch. This pass grants 1 player with access to the event.

  • Spectator Pass: $0 Online
    There is no fee for spectating at Gamers for Giving, though we’d encourage you to consider making a donation during the event! Register online for a spectator pass if you are a parent accommodating a minor, member of the press, or just someone who wants to come and check out the event!

Be sure to help spread Gamers for Giving hype by tweeting with the hashtag #GFG2020, and check the Gamers for Giving website for the latest news regarding this year’s event! We’re looking forward to seeing you on March 28th & 29th at the EMU Convocation Center!