Gamers Outreach Collabs With HyperX

General News | April 3, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration with HyperX, one of the leading names in gaming peripherals and accessories. Their generous support is funding the creation of 10 new GO Karts, portable gaming kiosks that provide entertainment to children undergoing medical treatment in hospitals.

Once fully deployed, these GO Karts will bring smiles to the tune of ~29,000 gaming experiences annually, and help make hospital stays a little brighter for young patients for years to come!

Patient and healthcare staff playing games together on a GO Kart.

A History of Support

Timeline of HyperX support provided to Gamers Outreach since 2018.

HyperX have been longstanding supporters of Gamers Outreach, consistently enriching charity streams, fundraisers, and community events; starting with our charity showcase at ESA Las Vegas in 2018.

In 2019, they showed up big with their own dedicated charity event and auction featuring creators Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and Valkyrae. Together, with special auction items on eBay, they raised $10,000 in support of our programs!

Enter 2020: HyperX gave GO Karts and Gamers Outreach the spotlight in their Good Game content series.

HyperX Cloud II headsets in lined up with VIP bags at Gamers for Giving 2023 LAN event.

Last year’s Gamers for Giving 2023 saw them sponsoring VIP Suite goodie bags (pictured above) and filling our raffle with exciting prizes for participants to win. They also bolstered our raffle prizing at the Halo World Championship, and curated peripheral packages for winners of our Spooktacular 2023 costume clash.

At Gamers for Giving 2024, they will be providing equipment for streamers to use during the event, enhancing their gaming experience and helping them raise funds for our cause. They’re also back with more gaming gear to win in our raffle!

Now, look out for wholesome moments on our social feeds as these 10 GO Karts make their way to children’s hospitals. And there’s more in store for later this year!

Better Together

Patients playing Rocket League on a GO Kart.

At Gamers Outreach, we believe in the power of gaming to bring joy and create positive experiences, even in the most challenging circumstances. With HyperX by our side, we’re empowered to reach more children in hospitals and make a lasting impact on their lives.

To the team at HyperX: thank you for your unwavering commitment to our cause! Together, we’re helping others level up!

About HyperX

Here at HyperX, we are driven by passion to shape the culture of gaming by empowering everyone to achieve their best. Our peripherals and accessories are made to enhance the gaming lifestyle with solutions that are purpose-built, designed, tested, and fine-tuned with the gamer in mind. We know that whatever you play, however you play, we’re all gamers. See you in the queue!

PS – Want to get involved with Gamers Outreach? Check out ways you can support our mission to provide both recreational and therapeutic experiences for hospitalized families.