Hospitalization & Pokemon GO

General News | August 4, 2016


There are a ton of great stories circulating around the internet these days about Pokemon GO, but this one hit us in the feels.

Child life specialist and digital media manager J.J. Bouchard has been using the game to help hospitalized kids get out of their rooms, socialize, and explore.

If you’ve attended Gamers for Giving, you’ve probably met J.J. at our booth! He works over at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital where we piloted Project GO Kart and (currently) Player 2.

Just recently, USA Today wrote an article on the impact Pokemon has been having in the lives of patients. It’s a heartwarming¬†read, and serves as a great example for how healthcare professionals can utilize the power of gaming to help kids cope with treatment.

The full story can be found here.

Our props go out to J.J. and all the folks over at Mott working creatively to help make daily life a little brighter for patients. You guys rock!