Interview: LearningWorks for Kids

General News | July 28, 2016


Last week, we had the chance to sit down with an organization called LearningWorks for Kids (LWK) to talk about the healing power of video games!

Founded by Dr. Randy Kulman, LWK is anĀ online platform that draws on original research (and decades of experience in education and psychology) to help inform and instruct parents on how to enrich children’s lives through digital play. Through an expansive collection of Apps, technology guides, and video game PlayBooks, LWK provides parents with the expertise and know-how to help parents mentor their children through the digital world.

We were honored to share a few stories as to how games are making a difference for children going through hospitalization. As we’ve seen, providing children with a sense of normalcy during hospitalization has an immense impact. Video games are a convenient platform that help make that possible.

The interview also sheds some light on the current status of our programs, as well as our trajectory as an organization. Catch up with our work, and learn more about how games are making a difference in hospitals by checking out the full transcript here!

Big thanks to LWK for taking time to speak with us! Keep up the good work, folks!