New Digs

General News | September 28, 2015


If you’ve visited our website¬†at any point in the last six years, you’ve probably just noticed that as of this blog post, things are looking a little different. Rest assured, you’re where you intended to be. We’ve built ourselves some new digs. Welcome to the sparkling new!

The new Gamers Outreach website is rolling out in two separate phases. Phase one (what you’re able to see as of this post) encompasses the general informative aspects of the website including the overall look / feel, new tools that highlight recent projects, and more opportunities to get involved. Phase two (launching ~November/ December) will include a brand new fundraising platform that will enable individuals to easily conduct large-scale fundraisers that support GO Kart builds in hospitals of their choosing.

Our goal is to help improve our ability to communicate the impact of our initiatives, and carry out our activities more effectively. We hope to expand our efforts within the children’s hospital environment, and updating our website to create easier opportunities for involvement is a major step towards helping more patients and families. will be the home of all content and news related to our organization’s programs. Here you’ll find blog posts about the latest work we’ve conducted within children’s hospitals, feedback we’ve received from staff, and musings on the impact games are making in the lives of patients and families we serve.

Note: we use an entirely separate website for our annual fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. Content found on will heavily focus on news related to our event, though you’ll occasionally find articles related to programs there as well. A link to the Gamers for Giving website can be found in the footer of this site.

Feel free to click around and explore the new site! One of our favorite features is the impact map, which illustrates each hospital Gamers Outreach currently serves. By clicking on a blip, you can view details about the hospital, various donations that have been made to patients at each facility, and who made each project possible. You can view the map on the home page of our site, or on the Project GO Kart program page!

If you’re feeling generous and would like to support our work, consider making a donation! Check out the Donate page to see all the different ways you can support our work throughout the country.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a line over on Twitter @GamersOutreach or via email at

Welcome to our new home! Go ahead, make yourself comfortable.