Patch Notes: New Brand Upgrades

General News | March 20, 2021

Say, this website looks a little bit different, don’t you think?

That’s because it is!

Welcome to the new! It’s been a little while since we’ve spruced up our branding elements. Let us show you around!

First thing first, you might notice our logo has been altered a bit. We modernized our font and updated some of our color hues to better reflect our brand’s priority of joy and play. What do you think? Do we seem more playful? YOU BETTER SAY YES!

Check out this shiny new logo sting to go with it. *swish* *swoosh* *ping*

Pretty neat, right?

Next up, we want to tell you about our new giving community, The GRID!

The GRID is our brand new monthly subscription club for Gamers Outreach supporters. By signing up as a member, you can help us provide gaming experiences to kids in hospitals on an on-going basis. By making a monthly donation of your choice, you’ll be officially registered as one of our team members – joining our quest to help change the patient experience inside hospitals.

In addition to making an impact, GRID members will receive special community perks! These will include invitations to quarterly update discussions, as well as access to special events, and the opportunity to snag early tickets to Gamers for Giving! With time, we plan to extend even more benefits to GRID members in partnership with our sponsors. We’ll be sharing more about The GRID in an upcoming blog post, so stay tuned. And yes, it is The GRID in caps because… that just seemed cooler.

In other news, we’ve also made some changes to our impact map. This map can be found on the home page of our website and is intended to provide perspective on the overall reach of Gamers Outreach programs. We’ve simplified the map so that it’s now easier for our team to stay updated on the hospitals we support.

We’ve added a new page called “Press & Awareness.” Here we’ll be highlighting some of the epic wins we’ve shared with media outlets and our partners. You’ll also find Gamers Outreach assets if you ever need to spread the word about the org!

For those of you who stream, you’ll notice we’ve got a new partnership with Tiltify! We’ll be making use of their platform to help facilitate online fundraisers in support of Gamers Outreach programs. You can download stream assets to aid your marathons over on the Fundraise & Stream page.

Merch? Why yes, that’s new too! Our friends at Meta Threads have some fresh Gamers Outreach swag stocked up in their store. Give it a look here.

And finally, we’ve implemented new ways to give! Our Donate page now includes methods to give with crypto, checks & stock, as well as through 3rd party apps like Amazon Smile. We’ve also added more language to the In-Kind gifts section to provide more clarity around the sort of used games we can accept! Click each box under “Other ways to give” to learn more.

*whew* Ok! That does it for updates! Feel free to peruse, and let us know if you spot anything that needs fixing. We’re looking forward to seeing you back real soon!