Quantum Break Charity Auction!

General News | April 7, 2016


Support Gamers Outreach and bid on this unique Quantum Break collector’s pack by visiting our eBay store!

Our friends from Microsoft Studios recently launched Quantum Break, an exclusive title for the Xbox One console! In celebration of the game’s release, the Xbox team has graciously donated limited edition Quantum Break items to support Gamers Outreach!

One of the items included in the donation was a rare Quantum Break G-Shock DW-6900 watch! This watch was crafted for exclusive distribution to members of the development and product teams, and is 1 of only 40 to be made!


The entirety of items donated include…

Here’s the best part: we’re auctioning these items on the Gamers Outreach eBay store! Proceeds from the sale of this bundle will benefit Gamers Outreach programs!

For the next 7 days, gamers around the U.S. can bid on these items to help support our efforts within pediatric hospitals. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will receive the bundle!

Unable to make a bid? You can still help spread the word on social media! Help us make gamers aware of this auction by tweeting the eBay link and including the hashtag #QuantumBreak!

Best of luck to those of you who will be making bids, and thanks to Xbox / Quantum Break for the support!