Save Point Updates

General News | March 27, 2022

Hey, gamers! Today we’re excited to give you an update on one of the new programs that we announced last year – Save Point.

Through this initiative, we’re working with select hospitals to deploy high-tech vending machines.

Each machine will be a distribution hub, allowing us to provide things like toys, gaming codes, and fun swag items from industry partners.

Patients and families will have free access to the items in these machines. As kids visit a hospital and progress through their treatment, they’ll be able to stop by a Save Point on their way home, collecting new gear and loot along the way.

Our first Save Point machine has been deployed inside Methodist Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. We’re working now to keep the machine fully stocked with awesome gaming-themed items. Hospital staff take responsibility for moderating the machine, providing children with access as appropriate.

You’ll also notice we’ve created a new program page on our website dedicated to Save Point. Through this page, brand partners or donors can submit requests to contribute items to our Save Point network. As well, hospitals can register their interest to receive a Save Point machine for their facility.


As of this post, we have an additional number of Save Point machines available for deployment and service to hospitals. We’ll continue to roll these devices out to hospitals as we receive commitments from partners and feel confident in our ability to replenish inventory.

If you represent a brand interested in helping to stock Save Points, we invite you to register on our website. Our crew will reach out to discuss ways you can contribute.

Our team is super excited about this new program. We see Save Point as the modern evolution of goodie bags. With Save Point, we hope to provide permanent hubs that allow for continued access to items for kids.

Be sure to check our website and social media channels for updates as we continue to build out this program in the coming year.