Our Advisory Board Gains Six New Members!

General News | March 21, 2022

Hey everyone!

A lot has happened since we last talked about our Advisory Board.

Our Advisory Board was created to support directors and staff within Gamers Outreach. Each member helps lead development efforts that expand the impact of Gamers Outreach programs. Their involvement provides our team with valuable perspectives.

This year, we’re excited to share that we’ve added SIX new members to the Gamers Outreach Advisory Board.

From left to right profile photos, One_Shot_Gurl, Markstrom, WinterGaming, Cahlaflour, VernNotice, Goldenboy

You may be thinking, “Hey! That group looks familiar!” And, well, you’ve probably seen them before! Together, this wonderful group brings an immense amount of knowledge to our organization in fundraising, gaming, and content creation.

First, we’d like to welcome Julie; also known as ONE_shot_GURL.

one_shot_gurl profile photo

Julie has been creating content since 2015. Starting on YouTube, she eventually transitioned to live-streaming after finding a passion for interacting with her community in real-time. Julie’s huge heart for kids was a key reason in her support for our mission. With her everlasting excitement and positive energy in everything she does, we’re happy to have her with us!

Second, please join us in welcoming Markstrom!

Markstrom profile photo

Markstrom’s background coincidentally mirrors pieces of our mission – bringing tech and healthcare together. While working in a biomedical research lab studying innovative nerve grafting technologies, Markstrom started streaming as a hobby. After falling in love with the community he was fostering, he took the plunge into full-time broadcasting and hasn’t looked back since. “Having spent hundreds of hours in hospital environments, the value of prioritizing play alongside treatment is both undeniable & essential.” Markstrom has provided a ton of insight to our team and has even been able to hand-deliver GO Karts funded by his community.

We’re excited to introduce you, next, to Winter Gaming.

Winter has joined us in fundraising since 2015 when he brought his set-up to our LAN party, Gamers for Giving. He was one of the first people to ever stream for Gamers Outreach! He’s also typically the closer to our GFG events, streaming even past Day 2 of the annual event. Winter started his broadcasting career in StarCraft 2 and the RTS has continued to be his core interest turned full-time career! After seeing the interest and empathy from gamers first-hand, Winter knew our cause would be a yearly highlight for him and his community.

Next, we’re excited to introduce you to Cahlaflour!

Cahlaflour profile photo

Cahlaflour has a background in communications and psychology which she’s excited to use every day as a content creator. She’s also been gaming since she was a kid, and wants to share the positive impact that gaming has had on her personally. She and her community have joined us in fundraising during events like Gamers for Giving and our annual Halloween event, the Spooktacular Streamathon. We’re grateful to have Cahlaflour on the Advisory Board!

Next up, we’re proud to welcome our fellow Michigander, Vern; also known as VernNotice.

Vern Profile Photo

As a high school student, Vern started making video game montages for Youtube – spawning his love for creating content while simultaneously growing a community. Alongside sharing our home state, Vern has also experienced the power of video games first-hand in a health care environment. Coupled with his eagerness to give back, we’re beyond grateful to have Vern’s knowledge and experience on our team.

Last but certainly not least, we’re excited to introduce you to Alex Mendez; who you may also know as Goldenboy.

Alex Mendez profile photo

Alex’s drive for helping others began with his own career as a social worker working with a broad spectrum of people. After seeing our founder, Zach Wigal’s, passion behind Gamers Outreach, Alex wanted to be involved in any way possible. He really is a jack of all trades in the gaming industry. A huge fan of WWE coupled with wanting to ensure esports players received the same fusion of storytelling and entertainment, he took inspiration from his favorite wrestling commentators to do just that. With his experience in hosting on G4, to working on nationally televised shows like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “The Titan Games,” we’re grateful to have Alex joining us.

We’re looking forward to learning from this wonderful group – and improving as we keep growing our programs for hospitalized families.

Before we go, you may be happy to read we asked some very important questions to our newest Advisory Board members…