Streamer Spotlight: TheHaleyBaby

General News | June 19, 2017

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In the last entry in our new, on-going series featuring the streamers that have helped contribute to Gamers Outreach over the years, we spoke to LadyDevann! This week, we’ll be talking to her friend (who also happens to be another content creator at the top of their game) — TheHaleyBaby!

How did you originally get into streaming?

I have been a Twitch Streamer for almost 3 years! The first thing I got into was the Call of Duty competitive scene, and I would travel all over for tournaments. During that time, I saw so many people stream on and always DREAMED of doing something like that. My boyfriend at the time introduced me to Twitch and suggested I should do it because of my bubbly personality. I looked into it and thought, “You know what, this could turn into a good thing. Here we go!”

What’s a typical day in the life of TheHaleyBaby look like? 

Oh boy, the life of a streamer! I’m a late night streamer, meaning I start pretty late (around 7-8pm CST) then I streamed until about 3 or 4am so I sleep a lot during the day. Most of my family and friends think I’m a vampire. Usually I wake up around 1 or 2pm, put some clothes on, do my hair and make up then I go get some food.

Depending on the time, if I have errands I will go and make sure everything is taken care of like grocery shopping, checking my PO box or even clothes shopping. Once home, I usually change into comfy clothes (since I stream long hours) and open up my emails to make sure I have everything replied to and am ready to go. After that, I make sure all my stream overlays are updated, camera is working, figure out what game to play then I go live! Afterwards is usually when I eat (that’s at around 4 or 5am) so I eat a lot of breakfast food. After that I’ll shower, watch some TV and by 6 or 7am I go to sleep. That’s the life of a nocturnal streamer!

How do you manage to stay healthy and active given the demands of your occupations?

I do a bunch of different type of things, actually. I’m not a really “healthy” person when it comes to food ’cause, well… I love all foods! I don’t go to the gym because I’ve never really been that type of person, BUT I dance A LOT! On stream, I do some Just Dance to move around and stay active. If I’m having a lazy day or have time, I’ll go in my garage and learn some choreography — mainly K-pop songs.

What’s the one thing you love most about your community?

My favorite aspect of my community is how caring they are. I try to do a lot of work with non-profits, and seeing how we can all come together and help raise money for a certain cause is just really heartwarming. I’m very blessed to have my type of community.

What made you want to get involved with a nonprofit like Gamers Outreach?

When I told my community about Gamers Outreach, they didn’t respond with a simple, “Oh yeah, lets do it!” The first thing my community said was “Why didn’t we do this sooner? Let’s raise some money!”

What’s a memory from Gamers for Giving that stands out to you?

My favorite memory is when my two closest friends and I, LadyDevann and Ms_Vixen, all hit our $10k goals. Confetti was everywhere, we were laughing, smiling, and hugging… we were all proud of each other and how our communities came together! Never been more honored and happy in my life!

And of course… What are you currently playing?!

There are always SO many games I want to play. Currently, I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Zombie Chronicles, Overwatch, Friday the 13th, and even some PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds! But other than those I like to occasionally throw in a spooky game :3


If you haven’t been watching TheHaleyBaby, you should be! You can find her Twitch channel here, and can follow her on Twitter to find out exactly when she’s going live!