General News | March 20, 2021

At Gamers Outreach, we believe the world is better when hospitalized kids can play, and we know gamers have the power to help.

We’re on a mission to change the hospital experience for families receiving care, and we want you to be a part of it.

Today we’re launching The GRID, our new monthly giving community dedicated to making games available in hospitals.

The GRID is a determined group of monthly donors joining our quest to build new gaming experiences in hospitals. GRID members are gamers from across the internet, giving what they can each month to help expand the impact of our programs.

Joining is simple. Visit our dedicated page for The GRID and choose a monthly donation amount to contribute. If you ever want to alter or cancel your membership, you can do so at any time.

The GRID is our new active membership group. By joining, not only will you be helping to support our work on an ongoing basis, but we’ll also be providing an assortment of special community perks! Benefits will include invitations to quarterly update discussions, as well as access to special events. GRID members who donate at least $10 per month will also be entered into a lottery pool for early access to Gamers for Giving tickets! With time, we plan to continue expanding the benefits offered to GRID members in partnership with our sponsors.

Games represent an opportunity to connect with others through activity and story. This is especially true in hospitals, where kids and families are isolated from the world, fighting some of the hardest battles of their lives.

In hospitals, video games are a gateway to normalcy. They’re one of the few tools that can provide children with play. GRID members are part of our construction team, helping ensure those gateways exist all across the land.

We all know “it’s dangerous to go alone.” Becoming a part of The GRID is an opportunity to help our fellow gamers. We invite you to join us!