The LAN Party is LIVE!

Events | March 25, 2023

Greetings, gamers!

Today marks the start of the Gamers for Giving 2023 LAN party. While streamers across the internet continue to broadcast, a number of folks from our hometown will be gathering in-person to play games, raise money, and celebrate all that’s been accomplished in the past year.

Our organization was founded near Ann Arbor, Michigan and was born from an interest in hosting video game tournaments.

We held the very first LAN in 2008 and each year since then, the Gamers Outreach crew and volunteers have always looked forward to this event. For us, it’s a return to our roots and the region where we started. LAN parties represent a core part of the gaming experience. They’re a gathering place for gamers to show off latest hardware, compete in tournaments, and build community.

These last two days of the event represent our final push towards raising funds in support of Gamers Outreach programs.

As well, during this weekend we have a handful of fun announcements to share, including our plans for the year ahead.

Be sure to stay tuned in on social media and our website as we roll out our latest updates. And if you’d like to get involved, check out the Gamers for Giving website to donate or show your support by tuning in to a broadcaster’s stream.

We’ll see you throughout the weekend!