Volunteer Update

General News | May 23, 2022

Greetings, gamers!


We’re thrilled to share an update on volunteer opportunities!


But first, let’s have a quick refresh on the different ways folks can get involved.


At Gamers Outreach, volunteers are a core part of our organization. We consider them an extension of our staff. Volunteers embody the identity, mission and community values of our programs. 


Currently, we have over 150 registered volunteers eager to make a difference and bring video games to kids in hospitals. We’re grateful for their support, and we also welcome others to join our quest!

We recruit year-round for three types of volunteering: 


  • First, we have our dedicated Player 2 program. This initiative pairs a select number of gamers with volunteer positions in hospitals. Spots are usually very limited in each hospital where the program exists. Some of the tasks may include distributing games, helping manage gaming and/or minor IT needs, or jumping in as a play buddy with patients. Player 2 requires a minimum commitment of approximately 6 months (service length may vary) and requires some daytime availability on weekdays. Weekend shifts are not typically offered. This position also requires a basic understanding of all major game consoles, along with A/V knowledge and troubleshooting capabilities. Player 2 volunteers must receive hospital training, and comply with health protocols (e.g. having necessary vaccines). 


  • Second, we have the GO Kart Race Crew. These volunteers participate in scheduled, one-off hospital visits to assist with GO Kart specific tasks that might include system updates, swapping Kart equipment, or GO Kart assembly! 


  • Third, we have general or event-related opportunities. These are chances to volunteer in ways that support our overall hospital efforts, but don’t necessarily require going to a hospital directly. Volunteering at our annual Gamers for Giving fundraiser is an example!


While the pandemic has limited in-person activity for the past 24+ months, we’re happy to share that we’re seeing a shift in hospital policies. We’ve recently received a number of specific volunteer requests from hospitals within the United States, and we’ll be sharing relevant opportunities with qualified volunteer applicants. 


If you’re interested in any of the above opportunities, we invite you to submit an application here. If you’ve already applied, be on the lookout over the coming weeks for updates on whether an opportunity may exist near you!


Thousands of kids and families check in to hospitals each day. For many, it can be a scary and isolating experience, and sometimes stay-length is unknown. Access to play can provide kids with moments of joy and relief. Our volunteers help make those experiences possible. We hope you’ll consider getting involved!


Have questions? Feel free to hit us up at volunteer@gamersoutreach.org


Till next time!