VTuber Summer Slam 2023

Events | June 30, 2023

Hey there, gamers! We’ve got some exciting news to share and a whole lot of gratitude to express. VTuber Summer Slam 2023 has concluded and it completely obliterated our expectations!

Across five days, VTubers joined us from far and wide in support of Gamers Outreach and our mission to bring video games into hospitals for kids everywhere.

Their dedication was downright inspiring. We witnessed an outpouring of support, as streams brimmed with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared passion for making a difference.

Together we raised a grand total of $484,704more than double last year’s total – an absolutely outstanding feat!

The trail of conquered milestones and stream goals is a testament to the power of gamers coming together for a common cause. Let’s dive into the highlights of this incredible event.

Achievements Unlocked

VTuber Summer Slam Grand Total Graphic highligting the $484,703 raised during VTuber Summer Slam 2023

Thanks to the community’s incredible generosity, we’ve funded a whopping 50 GO Karts for hospitals across the United States and around the world. These portable gaming stations will bring joy, entertainment, and a healthy dose of fun to the tune of an estimated 150,000 gaming experiences annually.

Person playing games with a hospitalized kid on a GO Kart.

Additionally, new Save Point inventory has been unlocked for the current and upcoming locations. Save Points are high-tech vending machines that equip kids with take-home items, and empower them with a sense of accomplishment as they progress through treatment.

Kid selecting a prize from a Save Point machine.

Bonus round! Our current fleet of 1700+ GO Karts is able to continue providing the joy of play thanks to volunteers in our Player 2 program. Refreshed training kits for GO Kart Pit Stops are fully funded and will enable volunteers to better manage and maintain Karts at their local hospitals.

The Players

Hold on to your headsets because we have some mind-blowing stats to share. 1,125 VTubers united in a global gaming phenomenon, spreading smiles and good vibes, while collecting an astounding 13,041 unique donations from 89 different countries.

Gamers truly have the biggest hearts.

A standing ovation for the incredible VTubers and their supportive communities. Your passion and dedication made VTuber Summer Slam 2023 a resounding success. Thank you for bringing joy and hope to hospitalized families through the power of gaming.

Art Contest

Graphic of some of the mascots submitted to the VTuber Summer Slam 2023 art contest.
The VTuber community is brimming with talented artists, and we wanted to give an extra touch of charm to GO Karts funded during VTuber Summer Slam. Cue our art contest to create a summertime mascot for the GO Kart donor cards!

Our event sponsors, Turtle Beach and ROCCAT, hooked it up with some epic loot. The top three designs earned prize packs.

Here’s a look at the winning submissions:

First place | Angel


Second place | Elly (Nova SWARM)


Third place | 糖ナツ


We appreciate everyone who participated in the art contest! The GO team loved every submission and it was incredibly difficult to select a winner.

The Sponsors
Sponsor graphic featuring VTube Studio, Seattle Built PCs, Turtle Beach, and ROCCAT.

Thank you to all of our sponsors who helped make the 2023 VTuber Summer Slam even bigger: VTube Studio, Seattle Built PCs, Turtle Beach and ROCCAT.

Stay Tuned
VTuber Summer Slam Sunset/Sunrise Controller Art graphic

Be on the lookout for future comms from us showcasing the impact of VTuber Summer Slam 2023.

We wave farewell to this year’s event while counting the days until the 2024 edition of Summer Slam, where the global VTuber community will unite once again to make a difference.

Until then, keep gaming, keep spreading the love, and remember that together, we can make the world a better place, one game at a time.

Graphic showing ways Gamers Outreach uses donations. $10 buys a new merch item for Save Point. $30 buys a new controller. $60 buys a new game title. $100 buys a new monitor. $300 buys a new game console. $500 funds a new GO Kart Pit Stop by providing a gear upgrade to an existing, older GO Kart in our fleet. $3500 funds a new GO Kart.

PS – Want to get involved with Gamers Outreach? See ways you can support our mission to provide both recreational and therapeutic experiences for hospitalized families.


**The VTuber Summer Slam 2023 Tiltify campaign page will remain open until July 7, 2023. All funds will go towards Gamers Outreach programs and initiatives.