Alex Supports Mott

Program News | September 22, 2015


During the month of April, we were able to deliver a GO Kart to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital thanks to the generous efforts of a patient named Alex!

The cart was dedicated to the hospital’s infusion clinic, which is used for chemotherapy and other types of care.

Alex, a patient himself at one point within the hospital, was able to raise funds for the cart while undergoing treatment. Building the cart was a part of Alex’s Eagle Scout Service Project, and it’s arrival to the hospital was the culmination of a tremendous effort by him and his family!


We quickly received positive feedback from the hospital after the cart’s delivery. On a daily basis, the cart is used to help provide kids with activities and recreation as they undergo treatment.

We’re inspired by the generosity of patients like Alex. It’s truly amazing to see children in the hospital be so selfless and make an effort to provide activities for other kids undergoing treatment. Great work, Alex!