And the final number is…

General News | April 5, 2017


Gamers for Giving 2017 has come to an end, and the results are in!

Thanks to the collective efforts of the gaming community, and after tallying donations we received at the event, we’re proud to announce the grand total raised was an incredible $315,069.00!!

This is an epic victory to be shared among everyone who supported this year’s efforts! Our entire team has been inspired. To our attendees, on-site broadcasters, and online streamers who came together in support of providing recreation to hospitalized children – WE THANK YOU!!

The end result? We’ll be able to make an incredible difference in the lives of patients and their families throughout the year – delivering more GO Karts than we’ve ever constructed before!

Xbox1-donor photo2

Over the next couple months, we’ll be working to complete deliveries of our latest batch of new GO Karts. Once finished, we’ll then be able to exercise resources generated at Gamers for Giving to roll out GO Karts across multiple hospitals around the country.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our sponsors. Companies such as Lightstream, 5-Hour ENERGY, Twitch, Cables & Kits, our Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers, and many others came together to facilitate this weekend’s event. Their sponsorship amplified our fundraising – and we’re grateful for their commitment to our event and cause!


An outpouring of thanks is deserved by our streamers – who rallied their communities to help us tackle the weekend’s big goal. Collectively, our on-site stream team’s efforts accounted for more than $90,000 raised during the event! We’re blown away by the power streamers have to impact change, and we’re honored to have their support.  Streaming platforms like Twitch have enabled gamers to raise awareness and funding for causes like never before. It’s truly remarkable witnessing the difference gamers can make through online broadcasts! And of course, a special shout out goes to summit1g – who raised more than $50,000 in a single day of streaming! Astonishing.


Last but certainly not least, we owe gratitude to our army of volunteers – whose efforts can never go unnoticed at Gamers for Giving. It’s thanks to their generosity Gamers for Giving is a reality. Our crew spends numerous hours throughout the year gathering resources and equipment to bring our annual fundraising event to fruition. Many sacrifice vacation days and time with friends/family to create our event each year, and make a difference in the lives of hospitalized kids. To all our volunteers – THANK YOU for making this year’s event the most successful Gamers for Giving we’ve hosted to date!


Ultimately, our hope is to place at least 1 GO Kart in every U.S. children’s hospital, providing recreation to children who otherwise may not have access to activities away from their bedside. Seeing our $200K goal crushed on Day 1 of the event was incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait for you to see the difference these resources will make within hospitals.

The support we received this past weekend was humbling, but it’s also just the beginning of our annual quest! Interested in getting involved or supporting our efforts? Be sure to swing by the Gamers Outreach Donate page to learn how you can contribute, fundraise, or volunteer!

Thank you to everyone who joined us online and at the event. We’ll see you throughout the year!