GO Karts Roll Out

Program News | March 1, 2017
Shipping is way cooler when your FedEx guy has an awesome beard.

The long awaited day has finally come. Like birds which leave the nest, our first 2.0 GO Kart units are en route to hospitals across the United States! Fly GO Karts, fly!

Can you blame us for being sentimental? This project has been in the works since early 2016, and we’re so grateful to FINALLY begin deliveries!

Representatives from Gamers Outreach will be overseeing this first batch of GO Kart installations, ensuring all units are fully equipped and operational after they arrive to their designated location. We’re also coordinating hospital visits with donors so they can see their GO Karts firsthand, and learn how each unit will get put to use in its new home.

The new GO Karts are being shipped throughout February & March, with donor visits and dedications following between now and shortly after Gamers for Giving 2017.

A GO Kart packed and ready to ship! We’ll post photos of the complete setup after our first delivery.

To everyone who supported this effort, THANK YOU!¬†We can’t wait for you to see the impact these GO Karts will have for children and their families for YEARS to come! We’ll be posting plenty of photos along the way, and sharing news of each arrival!

With the deployment of these new units, we’re effectively doubling Project GO Kart’s current impact. Even so, there’s still a long way to go. The United States contains nearly 200 major children’s hospitals – and that’s not including specialized clinics or smaller practices. We need the help of the gaming community to continue this effort. It’s our goal to create equipment that will help ensure games and technology are accessible within hospitals!

Want to support our quest? Consider supporting the cause by making a donation here! Interested in helping us set up GO Karts across the U.S.? Sign up to join the Race Crew!

We’ll see you at the first delivery!