And the grand total is…

Events | May 5, 2017


On May 4th, streamers from across the gaming community took part in the first ever PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Charity Invitational. The event, which brought together 128 Twitch streamers from Europe and North America, was a celebration of the game’s incredible success and the gamers who’ve supported its development.

With the collective effort of the streamers who participated and the support of their viewers – along with an insanely generous $100K match from Bluehole Inc. – our fellow gamers raised an astounding $223,357.00!!

These resources will make such a difference for children and their families. Hospitalization can often be a lonely, isolating, and scary experience – especially for young people. Our mission as an organization is to help ease those burdens by providing equipment, technology, and software to help kids cope with treatment. We’re primarily concerned with ensuring games are accessible and manageable within hospitals. That’s why we construct GO Karts – portable video game kiosks built specifically for the hospital environment, which enable healthcare professionals to provide children with access to bedside activities.

Later in 2017, we also plan invite gamers to serve in the hospital, either by helping to watch over GO Karts, or to become a digital activity manager through our pilot-program, Player 2.


The funds raised by the community will allow us to expand all of these efforts in a substantial way, and will ultimately make a measurable, tangible impact in hospitals we serve.

If you’re interested in getting involved throughout the year, be sure to swing by our Donate page to learn about all the ways you can contribute, volunteer, or fundraise.

Our deepest thanks go out to everyone in the gaming community that supported this fantastic event. And of course, we’re endlessly grateful to PLAYERUNKNOWN and the entire development team at Bluehole Inc. Between organizing this fundraiser, and matching $100K of the contributions – this was the largest fundraiser anyone has organized for our cause, and we’re truly humbled by their support and belief in our efforts.

We can’t wait to put these resources to use, and for you to see the difference you’ve all made in people’s lives. Thank you all for your support. Let’s help others level up!