BisectHosting Partners with Gamers Outreach

General News | May 15, 2023

Game recognize game(r). As two organizations that share the vision of unlocking high quality play experiences, we are excited to announce that BisectHosting is partnering up with us here at Gamers Outreach! BisectHosting is one of our go-to game server hosts, providing support for 23 different titles and specializing in Minecraft.

“We at BisectHosting are thrilled to partner with Gamers Outreach, a charity that shares our belief in the power of gaming to connect people, spark creativity, and promote inclusivity.

As a gaming hosting company, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of playing video games. We’re eager to contribute our expertise and resources to support this inspiring cause and make a lasting difference in the lives of children facing challenges.”

– Max Podkidkin, CEO of BisectHosting

Building on their generous support for last year’s Spooktacular Streamathon and Gamers for Giving 2023, BisectHosting is pledging $35,000 to help us fund the production of 10 new GO Karts. Throughout the year they will also be featuring Gamers Outreach as a charity of choice during select Game Master events. This competitive series pits teams of your favorite Minecraft creators against each other while helping us raise funds FOR THE KIDS! The most recent community event was open invite so look for your opportunity to join in.

We’ve already begun deploying BisectHosting GO Karts to healthcare facilities across North America and will continue distribution through 2023; ultimately providing an estimated 29,000 gaming experiences annually.

We’ll be sharing Impact Updates in the coming months so keep an eye out!

Happy gaming!

PS – Want to get involved? See ways you can support Gamers Outreach’s quest to provide both recreational and therapeutic experiences for hospitalized families.