Gamers Outreach Partners with Lenovo Legion

General News | March 12, 2024

We are excited to share our new partnership with Lenovo Legion! Joining us on our mission to empower hospitalized children through video games, their team is donating 200 of their Lenovo Legion R25i-30 monitors. These will be making their way onto GO Karts deliveries for our wishlist hospitals throughout the year.

Two kids play Minecraft on a GO Kart, featuring a Lenovo Legion monitor, in the children's playroom of a hospital.

Here’s what Gerald Youngblood, Chief Marketing Officer for Lenovo North America, has to say about our new connection.

“Lenovo Legion continues to deepen its commitment to the gaming community, which includes fostering an environment that is centered around inclusivity. For many kids, the hospital can feel scary and isolating. Our goal is that this partnership—and the Lenovo Legion monitors donated—can provide a fun distraction and measure of normalcy during a difficult time.”

The back of a GO Kart, showing the Lenovo Legion branding on the monitor.

Once fully deployed, these 200 monitors will enable an estimated 580,000 gaming experiences annually. Over 5 years, this impact can scale up to nearly 3,000,000 sessions. You can see why we’re excited!

Graphic logo with the text "Gamers Outreach Presents Gamers for Giving 2024"

We’re also stoked to announce their sponsorship of Gamers for Giving 2024, our annual LAN event. They’re helping us raise funds to build more GO Karts while contributing fresh gear to our on-site raffle.

A child standing while playing Minecraft on a GO Kart in the children's playroom of a hospital.

Stay tuned to our socials for wholesome updates of GO Kart deliveries featuring this new gear.

Thank you for being a Gamers Outreach supporter, and happy gaming!

PS – Want to get involved with Gamers Outreach? Check out ways you can support our mission to provide both recreational and therapeutic experiences for hospitalized families.