GO Kart for Mary Bridge Children’s

Program News | May 1, 2017


Another GO Kart has been deployed to the Pacific Northwest! Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital of Tacoma, WA has received one of our new units thanks to a donation from the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor North.

Rotary clubs are social networks comprised of individuals around the world dedicated to making lasting change in their communities. For more than 110 years, Rotary members have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects at both a local and worldwide scale.

Through member contributions, the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor North was one of the first organizations committed to helping us construct our new GO Karts for hospitalized children. It was exciting to see their first unit delivered to patients at Mary Bridge Children’s, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support as we worked to develop our new GO Kart throughout 2016. It just goes to show – whoever you are, or whatever your affiliation with gaming / hospitals might be – anyone can band together to help support patients and families!

The new unit started accumulating mileage the moment we finished installing games. Hospital staff recently sent us a photo of a patient named Makoa (below), whose parents had this to say…


“Makoa loves playing with the new Xbox! He was so excited when it was brought in. He loves playing Minecraft, just like he’s at home. It really helps him to forget everything else he’s going through. Thank you so much to (Gamers Outreach). It’s really going to be a great distraction and bring comfort to so many kids.”

We’re so glad to see this GO Kart supporting patients at Mary Bridge Children’s, and look forward to hearing many more stories like Makoa’s for years to come! Thank you to the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor North for making this contribution possible! Their donation has been added to our impact map.