GO Karts for SIUH

Program News | April 18, 2017


From coast to coast, our new GO Karts are rolling out to children’s hospitals across the land! Shortly before Gamers for Giving, we had the opportunity to deliver two of our new units to Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH). SIUH is the first facility in the state of New York to receive our new GO Karts, and of the hospitals on our waiting list, were arguably the most patient as we worked to develop the new units!

One of the great things about our work is having the chance to meet so many inspiring individuals and organizations who actively work within pediatric hospitals, helping to make life better for patients and their families. This delivery was made possible thanks to the efforts of a group called Charity Gaming, a nonprofit which works to provide video games to hospitalized children in New York. Thanks to a live streaming marathon, as well as internal donations from supporting members of the hospital, at this very moment, two GO Karts are now rolling through the hallways of SIUH! Manhattan’s New York 1 news stationĀ even stopped by to cover the delivery!

Staff and patients were thrilled to rev up their units for the first time. Huge shout out to Charity Gaming for all their work in raising the funds to make these GO Karts a reality. We’re so proud to play a role in helping you supporting the kids of New York!

Charity Gaming’s donation has been added to our impact map on the home page and GO Kart program page of the Gamers Outreach website. Congratulations to everyone who made this possible! We hope these GO Karts make a tremendous difference at your hospital!