Hermitcraft Impact Update

General News | July 28, 2023

Like the joy of discovering a diamond vein while mining coal, last year the Hermitcraft community surprised us by blowing out an initial $25,000 goal and raising over $439,000 in support of Gamers Outreach programs and initiatives. This heroic accomplishment was all thanks to the contributions from thousands of passionate community members and the dozens of creators who hosted unforgettable fun-filled broadcasts. Today we’re here to share what those funds have helped us achieve so far, and what awaits beyond. Let’s dive in, Hermits!

GO Karts

Gamers Outreach Karts, aka GO Karts, are portable video game kiosks built specifically for hospitals. If it’s your first time seeing these then check out our program page to learn more about them! Over 100 Karts were funded thanks to the whopping $439,599.01 Grand Total raised during the campaign.

We’re proud to announce that over 70 GO Karts have already been delivered to hospitals around the US. Unlocking the joy of play and connection for hospitalized children and their families, these units will provide an estimated 210,000 gaming experiences annually while being a valuable resource for healthcare workers. That’s a whole lot of reasons to smile!

The Hospitals

GO Kart deliveries began in late 2022 and have continued throughout 2023, with a few stops being extra special for us. In April, our founder and talent director had the opportunity to link up with GoodTimesWithScar, one of the Hermitcraft organizers and participating creators, and his family to deliver five GO Karts to Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Hermitcraft creators Tango Tek and Impulse holding a Hermitcraft donor card in front of a new GO Kart that is being delivered to a children's hospital.

Most recently, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Hermitcraft creators Tango Tek and Impulse to deliver a Kart to Mayo Clinic in Pheonix, Arizona.

Witnessing the goodwill of the gaming community tangibly improving the lives of others is a powerful and heartwarming moment.

And that’s true for the patients and caregivers at 25 hospitals in 3 countries that have received Hermitcraft-donated GO Karts. Here’s where those Karts have landed:

U.S. Kart Deliveries
  • Banner Children’s Hospital – Desert, Mesa, AZ
  • Diamond Children’s Medical Center – Tucson, AZ
  • Mayo Clinic – Phoenix, AZ
  • Valleywise Health Medical Center – Phoenix, AZ
  • Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida – Ft. Myers, FL
  • Franciscan Children’s Hospital – Brighton, MA
  • C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital – Ann Arbor, MI
  • Helen Devos Children’s – Grand Rapids, MI
  • St. Louis Children’s – St Louis, MO
  • Logan Health Children’s – Kalispell, MT
  • Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital – Concord, NC
  • Children’s Hospital of New Jersey – Newark, NJ
  • Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital – Fairview, Cleveland, OH
  • Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital – Hillcrest, Mayfield Heights, OH
  • Randall Children’s Hospital – Portland, OR
  • Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital – Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN
  • UVM Medical Center – Burlington, VT
Canada Kart Deliveries
  • HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital – Winnipeg, MB
  • Janeway Children’s Health – St. John’s, NFLD
  • IWK Health Centre – Halifax, NS
  • London Health Sciences Centre – London, ON
  • Trillium Health Partners – Credit Valley, Mississauga, ON
Australia Kart Deliveries
  • Royal Children’s – Melbourne, VIC
  • Monash Health, Casey Hospital – Berwick, VIC
  • The Alfred Hospital – Melbourne, VIC

Each placement makes an impact; whether it be a squadron of units, a single Kart at a smaller hospital, or an addition to the growing fleet at a facility that has been enjoying GO Kart gaming for a decade or longer.

But wait, there’s more

We’ll be delivering more GO Karts throughout the remainder of 2023 to children’s hospitals in need, bringing our global fleet total to over 1,700.

About Hermitcraft

Hermitcraft is a whitelisted Minecraft community that was founded in 2012. The members refer to themselves as Hermits and the group holds various events and activities throughout the year. They had never done a group event quite like this before, making it an even more incredible achievement.

To all the Hermits, we thank you again for believing in our mission and helping spread the word. This is gamers doing good and helping others level up!

Thanks for tuning in for this impact update and we’ll see you soon for the next one.

PS – Want to get involved with Gamers Outreach? Check out ways you can support our mission to provide both recreational and therapeutic experiences for hospitalized families.