Introducing Portal

Program News | March 21, 2021

Today we’re excited to announce a new program we’re testing called “Portal.”

One of the major challenges healthcare workers face is managing multiple devices and user accounts in large facilities with hundreds of patient rooms.

This is especially tricky when hospitals must also comply with privacy regulations unique to their environments, or when they simply don’t have the infrastructure that makes gaming content accessible online.

While most of us have an easy enough time managing games from the comfort of our living rooms or mobile phones, a lot of services we rely on aren’t always accessible in healthcare facilities.

Portal is our proposed solution to help address this problem.

Through Portal, our goal is to enable every hospital to be a gaming arena. We want to empower kids to have access to digital worlds and a wide breadth of content. We also want to ensure hospitals have a seamless way to manage patient privacy, age-restricted content, game updates, and localized or online play.

Check out the video below to learn more about the platform:

We’re excited to share our first working demos of Portal are making their way into the world over the next few weeks.

As we collect feedback and iterate on the software, we’ll open the beta program to more hospital partners interested in testing the software for their facilities.

To summarize: this now means Gamers Outreach has 4 unique programs. Each initiative helps make gaming accessible in different ways.

  • GO Karts are hardware solutions. Each GO Kart helps ensure hardware is available to support AAA gaming experiences in hospitals where infrastructure may not exist!
  • Player 2 volunteers are knowledge helpers. They’re gamers who provide expertise to make sure technology is working as intended within hospitals.
  • Save Point is a distribution solution. Through dedicated Save Points, we can equip kids with take-home items, and empower them with a sense of accomplishment after progressing through treatment.
  • Portal is a software solution. In hospitals where infrastructure exists, we can enable hundreds of patient rooms to be connected simultaneously without kids needing to wait a turn to play.

Later this year, we’ll launch a dedicated program page for Portal with more details on how hospitals can enroll, and how donors can support!

For now, stay tuned to our blog and social media feed for occasional updates as our team makes progress on the program!