JOIN US: Spooktacular Streamathon 2023

Events | September 11, 2023

It’s no mystery why we love October! Tasty treats, creative costumes, all the haunted decorations, and our fourth SPOOKTACULAR. The Spooktacular Streamathon is an annual fundraising event that supports Gamers Outreach programs and initiatives, and celebrates all things spooky in our own fashion.

We’re extending an open invitation to all our content creator friends, and their communities, to unite in our quest to make video games accessible to kids in hospitals. Join us for 31 days full of laughs, achievements, and wholesome moments that ultimately leads to making a difference for children and their families.

Our Mission

Kid sitting on a hospital bed, smiling and playing PacMan on a GO Kart.

Each year, millions of children and their families receive medical care inside hospitals. For many, the process can be scary and isolating. During hospitalization, kids lose access to friends, school, and moments that typically define childhood.

Our mission is to ensure all hospitalized kids have access to play – and we’ve chosen video games as our tools of choice. Video games inspire joy, are a source of enrichment and relief, and they make play at scale possible in hospitals. And of course they’re just plain fun!

Achievement Unlocked

Creepy carnival entrance with Gamers Outreach and Spooktacular branding.

Spooktacular 2022 saw over 750 streamers and their communities come together to help us raise funds for 100 GO Karts. This fleet will be fueling over a quarter million gaming experiences annually once fully deployed in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Many of these Karts have already been delivered, while the remainder will source from the first batches of our upcoming GO Kart 3.0s.

A New Quest Begins

Kid sitting on a hospital bed, smiling, while looking at the camera and giving a thumbs up. He is playing Minecraft on a GO Kart.

With Spooktacular 2023, our eyes are once again set on bringing more play experiences to children receiving care. First stop on that questline is funding 75 GO Karts, which will unlock an estimated 217,500 new gaming experiences annually.

Each play session offers a much-needed distraction to kids during their treatment programs, an opportunity for families to bond during a difficult time, and restores a sense of joy and normalcy in the lives of hospitalized children.

Where will these be going? Our wishlist of hospitals have made direct requests for GO Karts and are eagerly awaiting equipment so they can give kids access to play.

Upon reaching our GO Kart goal, the next stage of our Spooktacular fundraising quest unlocks. Additional donations will go towards our other Gamers Outreach initiatives:

  • Inventory for our Save Point program, which inspires a sense of accomplishment for kids as they progress through treatment by supplying take-home items like toys, game codes, and fun swag.
  • Tune ups to refresh earlier GO Karts with new games and hardware.
  • Training kits for more volunteers to give back to their communities in our Player 2 program.

We need your help!

Press X to Interact

Carnival entrance that reads "Spooktacular Streamathon". A spooky carriage sits to the left of the entrance with "G" and "O" illuminated in the windows.

  • Fundraise: Whether you’re a content creator or a GO enthusiast, join the fun by creating a campaign for this year’s Spooktacular Streamathon. We’ve partnered with Tiltify to help you fundraise online. Through their platform, you can start a fundraiser, or even host an online stream to bring gaming to hospitals. If you’re a content creator, email us for more info. 
  • Donate: Any amount helps! Donations can be made on the Spooktacular 2023 Tiltify page.
  • Watch: Find one of your favorite creators and check out their #SS2023 stream time.
  • Design: This year we will be running both an art contest and a costume contest with prizes from our sponsors. Keep an eye out for details coming to our Discord server in the next few weeks.
  • Spread the word! Sharing our cause with friends and promoting creators streaming for Spooktacular can go a long way in building the conversation. Be sure to use our hashtag #SS2023!

Follow our feed @GamersOutreach for daily Spooktacular 2023 highlights. See you online in October!