MissesMae Delivers First GO Kart

Program News | September 28, 2015


This summer, we delivered a GO Kart to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles thanks to the efforts of the lovable MissesMae! If you participated in Gamers for Giving 2015, you probably know Mae was one of our featured streamers who helped promote the cause throughout the weekend of our event. Thanks to her stream, as well as support received by her Maeniacs, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was able to receive their very first GO Kart!

Since delivering Mae’s GO Kart, we’ve heard incredible feedback from the hospital. Kids and staff around the facility are making use of the cart on a daily basis. As one staff member told us: “…the mobile unit has brought delight to our patients, reprieve for families, and satisfaction and smiles beyond measure to our staff!”

We can’t wait to hear more stores from the team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Major props go out to MissesMae and her community for making this cart a reality. We hope it’s the first of many to come!