Events | April 26, 2017


Update: PLAYERUNKNOWN is matching up to $100K in donations! Full story here.

As you’ve likely seen, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is sweeping the gaming community by storm! Just one month after early access launch, the battle royale phenomenon has landed among the top 10 all-time list for games played on Steam.

To celebrate the launch of the game in Early Access and the gamers who’ve contributed countless hours of play and feedback, the BATTLEGROUNDS Community team will be holding their first Charity Invitational, with all proceeds going to Gamers Outreach!

Join us on Thursday, May 4th from 9:00 am PDT to 5:00pm PDT as 64 EU streamers and 64 NA streamers vie their way through an intense series of competitions in the name of supporting hospitalized kids.

For those of you interested in finding out who will be competing, the BATTLEGROUNDS community team is publishing daily announcements between now and May 3rd via @PUBATTLEGROUNDS on Twitter, with the rule sets that will govern the aforementioned tournament to go live on their dev blog on May 1st.

If you’re a streamer that’s interested in joining the fun and rallying your community – you can still participate and help raise money in support of our cause even if you’re not part of a officially sanctioned team! We recently built our own fundraising platform which allows gamers to stream for Gamers Outreach programs! You can start a general fundraiser, or even rally your community to construct GO Karts for a hospital of your preference. You can create your first fundraising campaign here, and broadcast throughout the day! Need artwork for your stream? Download our logo and Twitch banners here.

As a general rule of thumb to donors / streamers: it’s best practice for donations to be collected through Gamers Outreach – with tools such as our fundraising platform or our general donation page. Feel free to reach out if you need any help getting started or making a contribution!

As always, keep your eyes on our Twitter & Facebook pages for more info as the tourney draws near, and we’ll see you on the Twitch stream May 4th!