Recognizing GameAbove

General News | April 27, 2021

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been fortunate to partner with GameAbove to provide hospitalized children with access to play. We’ve been grateful to count on them as a sponsor of our annual Gamers for Giving fundraiser.

GameAbove is a team of Eastern Michigan University (EMU) alumni. Members include EMU athletes, current entrepreneurs, successful business people, Hall of Famers, and select EMU coaches. To date, over $20 million has been committed to supporting a variety of initiatives that advance the capacity and well-being of the EMU community.

Since its formation, GameAbove has been an ardent supporter of Gamers for Giving. Having seen the impact games have in the lives of students and the University, the group has made it a priority to help sustain our efforts, even in the midst of COVID.

Their involvement deserves special recognition. Thus far, GameAbove has provided $300,000 towards advancing our impact in hospitals. Their contribution towards our most recent event is enough to provide a fleet of GO Karts to an assortment of hospitals and will assist with the development of our new initiatives, Save Point & Portal.

Khalid Walton, one of the advisory board members, had this to say: “GameAbove members clearly see the positive results of the work and give-back spirit by Gamers Outreach and Zach [Founder of Gamers Outreach/EMU Graduate]. We are very committed to supporting EMU alumni who go the extra mile with charitable endeavors and who have organizations, ideas, and programs doing good in the community, particularly with assisting today’s youth. Zach is a product of this EMU spirit.”

Expect to see their name surface in the months ahead as we share updates on our programs, and announce details around the return of our LAN party to the EMU Convocation Center.