Spooktacular Streamathon Wrap 2023

Events | November 9, 2023

As spooky season comes to a close, so too does the 4th installment of the Spooktacular Streamathon. And oh what a spectacle it has been!

A Celebration of Community

First and foremost we want to thank the hundreds of creators and their communities who humbled us again with their incredible support. Through countless screams, laughs, and adventures we came together as a force for good.

Your passion and enthusiasm inspire us every day, and we are endlessly thankful for each and every one of you.

Quest Achieved: The $400,000 Milestone

This year the Spooktacular Streamathon raised a whopping $460,000! This remarkable feat funds 40 of our new GO Kart 3.0 units to wishlist hospitals, while also unlocking upgrade kits for existing GO Karts in our fleet and enabling a restock of goodies for a Save Point machine.

These invaluable resources will bring countless smiles and joy to children facing challenging times in hospitals across the country. With these contributions, we’re expanding our reach, improving existing facilities, and ensuring even more hospitalized kids have access to the healing power of play.

Overall, furthering our mission to provide recreation to children in hospitals. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the incredible impact we can create together.

Art Contest

GO Kart 3.0 render with a Spooktacular Streamathon donor card featuring the art contest winner's mascot design.

An extra layer of charm is coming to the GO Karts funded during Spooktacular! The winner of our Spooktacular art battle will have their mascot featured on the donor cards of each Kart.

First Place | YeorSun

Second Place | Hurmly

Third Place | SunnySketchy

So many talented artists submitted their Halloween-themed mascot designs, and we’re incredibly thankful for their passion 🧡

Costume Contest

Seattle Built PCs and HyperX, hooked it up with some epic loot. The 2nd & 3rd place entries won peripheral prize packs while 1st earned a fresh new gaming PC.

First Place | GrimesReaper

Second Place | banndittaa

Third Place | FullmetalCroak

The community was packed full of creative submissions!


We’d like to drop a special shoutout to our event sponsors. BisectHosting, Cash App, HyperX, and Seattle Built PCs, continue to share their commitments to our mission and help us make a significant difference in the lives of hospitalized children. 

Until Next Year

Your support is what drives us, and your kindness is what enables us to make a difference; empowering us to change lives, one game at a time.

We can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve together next year. Keep gaming, keep streaming, and keep spreading the love and joy!


The Gamers Outreach team.