Updates to The GRID

Program News | April 6, 2024

We believe the world is better when hospitalized kids have access to play, and we believe gamers have the power to help.

That’s why we created The GRID. It’s a monthly giving community of gamers providing what they can to build new experiences for families receiving care inside hospitals. 

You could think of The GRID like subscribing to your favorite Twitch channel, with everyone’s donations being used to help bring video games to kids in hospitals.

The GRID is how you can become an active member of the Gamers Outreach community. And we’re excited to share a number of membership benefits available to our GRID donors.

This year, we’re launching new perks, including Monthly Giveaways from game developers and gaming hardware from companies you love. As well, GRID members will now earn tiered status based on their subscription history.

New rewards will be unlocked as your activity with the program is maintained over time. Through The GRID, you can earn swag, new apparel items, rare gaming loot, or invitations to special events affiliated with Gamers Outreach.

Of course, GRID members will also be the first people to get access to our annual Gamers for Giving LAN party. We hope you’ll be able to make the journey and game with us each year in-person.

Most importantly, GRID members will have an ongoing role in the program activity of Gamers Outreach. Throughout the year, GRID members will be invited to virtual meetings with our staff to learn about Gamers Outreach happenings and hear from our hospital partners. It’s a great way to stay involved and find ways to support hospitals in your own community.

To take an active role in our organization’s work, join up by visiting GamersOutreach.org/TheGrid.