VTuber Summer Slam 2024

Events | July 2, 2024

As the final fundraiser streams conclude, we at Gamers Outreach could not be more proud to share with you the results of this year’s VTuber Summer Slam!

2024’s event was a spectacular success, bringing together VTubers, gamers, and communities from around the world to support our cause. 

With your help, we’re reaching new heights and are empowered to make a significant impact on the lives of children in hospitals.


The heart of the VTuber Summer Slam lies in its mission to improve the lives of young patients through the power of play. Thanks to your fundraising efforts and contributions, we eclipsed last year’s event and were able to raise an astounding $740,843!

This milestone means that 200 GO Karts will soon be rolling into hospitals, bringing joy and comfort to countless children and their families, with additional funding for Gamers Outreach programs. Each GO Kart is more than just a gaming station; it is a beacon of hope and a source of much-needed distraction during challenging times. Once placed, we estimate that these GO Karts will enable an estimated 580,000 play experiences annually. (that’s a whole lot of joy 😊)

Your support is helping us make a BIG jump in our 2024 quest to fulfill all outstanding GO Kart asks on our hospitals wishlist.

A Special Thank You

Wow, wow, wow! Over 1600 VTubers joined us for VTuber Summer Slam 2024, making it the largest streaming event in our history!

To all the creators and their communities who streamed, donated, watched, raided, shared our message, and participated in any way: THANK YOU!

Your dedication and generosity are the driving forces behind our mission, and we are honored to have you as supporters 🫰

Art Contest

One of the highlights of this year’s event was the VTuber Art Contest. Talented artists from the VTuber community showcased their creativity beautifully, as you can see from all the spirited designs in the graphic above.

In addition to cool prizes from Clip Paint Studio and Cooler Master, the First Place winner will have their art featured as the mascot on this year’s VTuber Summer Slam donor cards.

[Check back later this week for the winning submissions!]


We’d like to take a moment to thank all the sponsors who helped make VTuber Summer Slam even bigger for 2024.

To BisectHosting, Clip Studio, Cooler Master, HyperX, Seattle Built PCs, VTube Studio, and Warudo: we are honored to have you as partners on this quest.

Merch Reminder

VTuber Summer Slam t-shirts and hoodie in bright summer-themed colors.

Don’t forget, the VTuber Summer Slam merch is still available! Extend your Summer Slam memories while supporting our ongoing program efforts with our limited edition apparel ☀️🐚🏖️

Check out our online store! We’ll be closing orders for VTuber Summer Slam gear on Monday, July 8.

Look Out for Impact Updates

Patient holding an Xbox controller while smiling and looking at the camera. Patient is in a hospital bed with a GO Kart at the end of the bed and Forza playing on the screen.
The placement for this GO Kart, stationed in Mary Bridge Children’s (Tacoma, WA), is made possible by the VTubers and communities who joined us for VTuber Summer Slam 2023.

Stay tuned for updates on our social feeds. We’ll be sharing stories from the hospitals and showcasing the ways in which your donations make a difference in the lives of patients, their families, and their supporting hospital staff. Follow us on X / Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to stay connected and see how your support makes a difference all year long.

Together, we’re making a profound impact on the lives of children in hospitals, bringing them moments of joy and distraction during their toughest days. Thank you for being a part of this journey 🧡

A Parting Gift

Here, take these! Phone wallpapers in our sunset key art, Team Sunny, Team Sandy, and Team Shelly designs.

If you missed out on this year’s event but are interested in joining future Gamers Outreach fundraisers, you can reach out to us at contact@gamersoutreach.org.

Happy gaming, and we’ll see you next year for VTuber Summer Slam 2025!

Graphic illustrating how funds from donations are used in Gamers Outreach programs.

PS – Want to get more involved with Gamers Outreach? See ways you can support our mission to provide both recreational and therapeutic experiences for hospitalized families.

**The VTuber Summer Slam 2024 Tiltify campaign page will remain open until July 8, 2024. All funds will go towards Gamers Outreach programs and initiatives.