GO Kart 3.0 Has Landed

General News | November 8, 2023

Gamers… we’re absolutely stoked to provide you this update….

GO Kart 3.0 has LANDED!

As we type this very blog post, the first batch of our new units are deploying in hospitals!

This is a momentous occasion!

As many of you might be aware, we first announced a modernized version of our portable gaming kiosks back in January, and unveiled the prototype in March. With help from our partners at NZXT and CRE8, we have reimagined GO Karts construction for a new generation of devices.

A Brief History of Karts

GO Karts (Gamers Outreach Karts) are portable kiosks that host video game equipment within hospitals. Each unit contains a TV, gaming console, controllers, and assortment of games. The kiosks make entertainment more accessible for patients while enabling healthcare workers to focus on providing care.

We started building GO Karts back in 2008 after learning our local children’s hospital needed a way to securely provide gaming experiences to families. Back in those days, we were building 1 – 3 GO Karts per year.

In 2017 our friends at Child’s Play provided us with a grant, helping us meet growing demand and construct 200 – 400 units units per year. Since then, we’ve deployed GO Karts across more than four hundred hospitals worldwide.

Our current fleet powers as many as 5 million gaming experiences for kids each year. All thanks to the gaming community!

Designing for the Future

We have far more requests for GO Karts than we ever imagined receiving… like, we need to build these things in quantities of thousands. Intro: GO Kart 3.0.

Our friends at NZXT and CRE8 helped us rethink the entire GO Kart assembly process.

This new design takes into account feedback from healthcare staff, addressing specific needs. For instance, a slender profile ensures maneuverability while maintaining necessary proportions for durability within hospitals. Additionally, a pneumatic lift allows adjustment of the monitor height depending on a patient’s circumstance without the need for power.

GO Kart 3.0 also features a new storage bin to fit a wider range of controllers and accessibility devices. And, of course, the new console bin now fits all modern consoles.

We also emphasize the use of eco-friendly materials, making recycling easier should a GO Kart need to be placed out of service.

As well, we’ve reengineered the packaging GO Karts ship in. Meaning, we can more easily make GO Karts available to hospitals worldwide. Some of our first international deliveries will be deployed throughout the UK, Germany, and Sweden thanks to the result of last year’s Hermitcraft fundraiser – the instigator of our new manufacturing process!

What’s Next

Our next major fundraiser & annual LAN party, Gamers for Giving 2024, will largely focus on fulfilling requests from our wishlist hospitals for new GO Karts. Stay tuned to our GFG website for date announcements in the near future.

Thank you to the gaming community for your ongoing support. Everyone’s contributions make a tremendous impact in the lives of families receiving care! We hope you’ll join us in this next generation of play.

Let’s help others level up.