Rady Children’s Upgrades Fleet

Program News | May 25, 2017


Our friends at Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego, California received a whole bunch of new GO Karts this week, bringing the total fleet count to 5 unitsĀ inside the hospital!

As one of the largest pediatric hospitals in California, gaming is in constant demand at Rady Children’s. In 2014, the hospital provided care to more than 196,000 children. Nearly 20,000 of those cases were inpatient admissions.

Our first GO Kart was donated to their facility in 2015 thanks to funds raised by Serious Gaming. The GO Kart was put to immediate use, and has been in constant daily circulation since its delivery.

Noticing its frequent demand, internal donors at the hospital rallied together to make this recent delivery possible. Now, multiple floors within the facility have access to GO Karts as a way to ensure games are accessible to patients that are unable to access playrooms during treatment or long-term care.

We’re excited to see these GO Karts roll into their new home, and hope they’ll be of benefit to patients and families for years to come!