Second Delivery for Cincinnati

Program News | October 20, 2015


A few months ago, you may recall we delivered a GO Kart to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital thanks to a donation made by professional gamer, Michael “StrongSide” Cavanaugh.

During his dedication, a woman named Cindy Hahn was in attendance. After seeing the immediate impact Michael’s GO Kart had for patients and families, Cindy made a commitment to build another GO Kart for use throughout the facility. Fast forward to present day: last week, Cindy made good on her promise, and we were able to donate a second GO Kart to children being treated in Cincinnati.

This particular GO Kart will exist within the hospital’s neurology unit, where young patients are treated for head and brain injuries. Due to the heavy equipment and machinery sometimes used for treatment, many patients are unable to leave their rooms. Hospital staff frequently work to provide children with a variety of bedside activities. Now, thanks to Cindy’s donation, nurses have a powerful tool in their repertoire to aid patients going through the healing process!


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is┬ámassive. The facility has 598 patient beds. With so many kids fighting battles throughout the hospital, the GO Karts will certainly be seeing plenty of use. We can’t give Cindy enough props for stepping up to help support this GO Kart build! It will certainly be appreciated by staff and patients for many years to come!