Support from Badlion Client

General News | January 5, 2021

Badlion Client, a Minecraft anti-cheat and mod launcher client, supports Gamers Outreach by donating a portion of their proceeds from in-game cosmetics in 2019 and 2020.

Video games in hospitals are currently providing patients with a form of socialization in an otherwise isolating environment given the state of the world today. With support from Badlion Client, we estimate that 21,000 play sessions will be created for hospitalized children each year.

Rewinding to 2019, Badlion Client released limited-edition Pride Month cosmetics with half of the proceeds being donated to Gamers Outreach. Items included a Pride top hat, bandana, shield, and logo cloak. $5,000 was donated to Gamers Outreach!

Badlion Client Pride Month Cosmetics

In 2020, Badlion Client donated 100% of their limited Pride Month cosmetic proceeds to Gamers Outreach. Items included were Pride cloaks, top hats, shields, wings, Pride sprays, and an added new bandana design. $19,055 was raised in support of Gamers Outreach, and players got really awesome in-game cosmetics.

2020 Badlion Client Pride Cosmetics

The support continued into October 2020 when Badlion Client joined in on our Spooktacular Streamathon fun by offering a limited-release Gamers Outreach logo cloak! 

Whether children are patients long-term or just for the day, everyone deserves access to play. 

Thank you, Badlion Client, for continuously supporting our mission and providing amazing cosmetics for one of our most requested games. We’re excited about what this new year has in store!